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Do you have what it takes to become the next YouTube musical star? The digital era has exposed millions of viewers to musical talent that we probably wouldn’t have heard about before the Internet.

Now we get to venture into the living rooms and garages of some of the web’s most talented denizens as they showcase hidden and amazing abilities. Get ready to be entertained; here are some of the most talented musicians performing on YouTube today!

1. VKGoesWild

Viktoriya Yermolyeva has combined a passion for hard rock and piano to create a sound that is utterly unique. She studied classical piano in Ukraine and Germany, and then took her career in a completely different direction.

She’s now famous for her covers of rock classics by Tool, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, and Queen. And she tours around the world, getting audiences to slam dance and mosh to her epic piano renditions.

2. Andy McKee

This fingerstyle acoustic guitar virtuoso went viral on YouTube back in 2006. Watch in awe as he spans dozens of genres with both original works and covers.

The success of his YouTube videos helped launch him into the international spotlight, and made his a musical success story that can inspire us all. McKee has since released a number of widely viewed music videos exclusively on YouTube, including “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Africa,” and “Hunter’s Moon.”

3. Laura Shigihara

Remember the immensely popular mobile game, Plants Vs. Zombies? Well, Laura Shigihara, aka supershigi, is the mastermind behind the score to this game.

She is a highly acclaimed game soundtrack composer, and her list of accomplishments is impressively long. She has written music for such well-known titles as World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Celestial Mechanica.

You can watch her play and sing many of these scores on her YouTube channel.

4. The Mad Drummer

Steve Moore is known as the Mad Drummer. You’ll see why once you watch his spirited performance on YouTube.

Basically, a fan attending a pavilion performance in Texas noticed this guy rocking out behind the set, and started recording. The fan uploaded the video with the title, “this drummer is at wrong gig.”

As the video spread, celebrities started paying attention to this unknown musician’s flair for the dramatic. Now Steve has created an image for himself, and is probably booked solid. All this attention from a fan upload!

You could be the next YouTube musical sensation. Just get out your instruments, some digital sheet music, and start recording.

There has never been a better time for self-starting musicians to distribute their works and get discovered!


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