N.D.A., or New Digital Aesthetic, is a trend in current fashion. Although several expressions are making waves and turning heads for 2014, New Digital Aesthetic stands at the front of the pack.

It succinctly captures the aesthetic of a generation raised in a reality where the natural world and the digital universe constantly intersect. This way of viewing life is exactly what N.D.A. represents and explores.

It boldly asks the question many avoid: For a generation raised to inherit this standard of technology, where do the natural world and the digital collide?

How is this movement different from others?

Unlike other current trends such as Next Nature and Living Design, New Digital Aesthetic directly addresses perception. The other trends are of a more material origin.

Next Nature and Living Design both draw heavily from patterns, tones, and concepts supplied by elements in the natural world. N.D.A. may share this characteristic, but it grows increasingly distinct as it drifts into the space between digital and natural.

That space is the source of inspiration for all designs within this fashion trend.

What are the themes?

The New Digital Aesthetic can be described as an impression. In fact the process of creation for N.D.A. has been called “the study of perception.” This is the jumping-off point for all the creative energy.

The themes of this trend bounce swiftly between realism and surrealism until a sharp line can no longer be drawn between the two. This effect can be difficult to achieve because it means the designer must create something that speaks of both of these worlds.

In essence, the apparel of this trend acts as an ambassador for the realization that these two worlds are becoming increasingly connected.

What is the impact?

Unlike some of the work represented by this fashion trend, the message is well pronounced. New Digital Aesthetic doesn’t condemn or directly support our culture’s immersion in technology. Instead it applies a magnifying lens to the truth.

Our world is slowly is slipping into the digital world’s embrace. It’s not always so easy to tell where our ideas are formed. Our dreams, beliefs, and vision are now in collaboration with the technology that is so readily accessible.

Even a quick search of “2014 Fashion Trends” will remind us of how these devices help us gain information about our world.

N.D.A. is a vision of tomorrow

New Digital Aesthetic is an involved commentary about our cultural perception. This idea is so strong, it has penetrated all areas of fashion and dialogue.

Luxury bags for men and women’s clothing reflect this idea. Its impact is believed to be so wide-reaching because it resonates with the world this generation already experiences.

Not every fashion trend has been able to so completely gather the bulk of ideas shared by such a large amount of people. That’s why N.D.A. has garnered so much momentum this year: It gives this generation a future they’ve already seen.


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