When we shop for new home fixtures, very few of us think about the total maintenance and upkeep required to maximize the lifespan of our décor. Sad to say, environmental details such as moisture, dirt, and rust can take a toll on our home furnishings.

Their effects can greatly diminish the way our carefully chosen furnishings look and function. But you can get the biggest return on your investment by learning how to take care of new furniture. Here are three simple and basic ways to do that.


1. Dusting

A feather duster is the main tool for this job, backed by a vacuum cleaner to pick up the debris. Dust doesn’t just increase the amount of allergens in your home; it can even create minute scratches on the surfaces of your furniture.

Avoid gross streaking by using a soft, dry feather duster to clean off your furniture. Some locations collect more dust than others, such as dwellings near freeways and other high-traffic areas.

When you’re done with the feather duster, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust from the floor. A vacuum with a HEPA filter can keep those dust particles from going back into the air.

2. Applying wood polish

Moisture and soap are very bad for wood. You should never take regular soap and water to your wood furnishings. Instead, use an oil-based polish made especially for wood care to clean and shine this type of furniture.

This will prevent the wood from expanding, cracking, or losing its structural integrity. When you try a new cleaner, do a small patch test on the underside of the furniture to make sure it doesn’t cause staining.

Apply the polish using a circular motion, so you don’t mark the furniture with streaks.

3. Steam cleaning

Upholstery and carpeting can benefit greatly from being steam cleaned. This will remove stains from fabric and grime from deep within the fibers.

It’s generally recommended that you hire a steam-cleaning professional to work on upholstered furniture, since the pros use different techniques based on the material of the furniture. However, you can also rent a steam cleaner to use on carpeting and other furnishings yourself.

Your furniture should be maintained to last for years. Neglect can increase your household expenditures, especially if you have to pay for repairs and replacements when your furnishings become dirty or non-functional.

Dusting, polishing, and cleaning your upholstery can dramatically increase the lifespan of your new home furnishings. Be sure to follow the manufacturer directions, since special care might be necessary for certain furniture materials.


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