Sometimes it seems as if the traditional terms for what constitutes “in style” as far as makeup and beauty are concerned have been smashed. Now more than ever, women are feeling perfectly comfortable about choosing not what the media promotes as worthy beauty products, but what women themselves decide is worthy. fashiontrends

This can mean following the latest runway trends, or choosing products and styles to suit oneself. Regardless of what a woman chooses to do these days, the following fact is undeniable: There are hundreds of choices in today’s market for every woman to meet her beauty needs.

Below are just a few of the elements that any woman can easily incorporate into her beauty regimen.

Fruit galore

These days, fruit is being used to stave off more than your hunger. A recent article in Vogue magazine featured a beauty product that uses fruit to ward off blemishes, rashes, inflammation, and many other skin problems that need addressing.

So for an especially fruity and refreshing day, you can now coat your skin with almond milk or a blueberry scrub. Whether or not users can snack on this lovely product has not been verified. Regardless, it’s a pretty intriguing idea.

Orange is the new red

Many women will likely remember a time when orange was one of those colors that received a constantly bad rap. It’s such a challenge to wear orange correctly that many articles have been written to detail the “how to” for wearing this infamous color.

Yet the runway has recently surprising women by bringing orange to prominence. Note, however, that orange has come into style as a lip color.

Fortunately, trends will be trends, and many women will probably hope that this one just goes quickly and quietly away. Most of us will feel safer and saner for it.

The traditional

Now that women have the freedom to use whatever makeup and fashion makes them happy, many are still opting for the traditional brands that stay within the limits. One example of a popular traditional beauty brand is Flawless Beauty and Skin.

These days, beauty companies don’t have to apply quirky standards to gain traction and popularity. All they need are products that get the job done, and done well by making a woman feel glamorous, refreshed, and utterly beautiful.

The extreme

Women have come a long way beyond liposuction, botox, and lip injections. Now we can try one of the hot new technological advances of 2014: fat freezing.

Yes, ladies, fat freezing is the new liposuction. Essentially, to get rid of excess fat, women undergo a non-invasive procedure to freeze the fat inside their body, which causes it eventually to die.

If that sounds just too weird, perhaps it’s best to stick to normal weight loss methods, such as workout at the gym and eating well, neither of which will ever go out of style. No matter what approach you take to beauty, there’s nothing like the reaching back to the traditional methods.

A little basic makeup, a pretty dress, and touch of self-confidence are all a woman really needs.


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