By their nature, trends come and go, but 2014 is already boasting a bevy of them that you can safely side step. Just keep one rule in mind when you wander into fashion territory: If you simply must join a trend, wear it with confidence and buy it from Forever 21 so you don’t spend more than $30 on it.

Consider yourself warned, because everyone makes a fashion flub now and then, but if you want to save yourself from embarrassing photos down the line, you’ll do well to avoid the most likely and biggest flops.

First, there’s the extreme platform wedge that has had several incarnations from sneakers (the worst) to simply un-walkable creations. Women love wedges because they see them as a heel/flat hybrid when actually they’re the worst of both worlds.

If you want to rock a wedge, consider a class espadrilla, but don’t expect the same sex appeal as a heel. Plus, if your wedges are too high to stride on, don’t you lose that comfort factor you were promised?

Abandon ship

According to some fashionistas, peplums need to die already. They had their moment in the spotlight, and they can certainly work wonders for creating curves, plumpness, hips, and butt for women in need.

But how many women actually want to add extra padding to their mid-section? If you’re a svelte runway model, then by all means rock the peplum. For everyone else, that extra fabric isn’t actually concealing muffin tops.

Then there are the donut buns, hot buns, sock buns, or whatever else you want to call them. These overly stylized approaches never look natural and are best reserved for flight attendants.

Pushed as the ultimate professional up-do for everyone from top-rated surgeons who need to keep their hair in check to line-order chefs, it’s really just a bagel head effect on the back of your head. A little messy up-do is much more chic, especially when paired with red lips and minimal makeup otherwise.

What to ditch

“Punny” shirts also had their moment, and it was about the time Old School was in theaters. You might love a great joke, but you don’t need to share it with the world by having it stitched across your chest. The days of “juicy butts” are over, too, so nix the text all together.

Finally, the art of the nail is returning to simplicity, so you can skip the extra $10 to bling out your manicure. Choose a “squoval” shape for natural nails with a warm, neutral tone or a classic red instead. Your future self will thank you.


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