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As the employment sector grows more competitive, employers are looking for innovative ways to entice the best candidates for their open positions. There may be 20 people applying for the new IT position, for example, but most of them are not qualified to do the work.

Several unusual perks might encourage the right candidates to apply and score that dream job.

Not just a walking lunch date

Corporations are looking to lower their health insurance costs by motivating employees to take care of themselves. Wellness programs are steadily becoming a norm in many companies.

But they’re taking on a new flair with gadgets given away for a discount or time off to go to the gym. Employees invigorated by exercise and good nutrition are happier with themselves and their health partner, the employer.

You can hire and maintain the best workers with a wellness plan that goes beyond just handing out healthy food flyers.

Bonuses are normal

Employers have recognized that it’s not just top management that makes a new client sign on or a hesitant customer purchase thousands of dollars of products. Every employee, down to the shipping department, plays a key role.

Bonuses need to be given out when employees meet their performance goals. Understanding that they are part of a unified team, employees feel more loyal and want to work harder for next season’s bonus.

Money is certainly motivation in itself, but it also signifies that the employer recognizes true contributions in the workplace.

Pets and children are welcome

Employees may feel compromised when they are at work, especially if they worry about pets or children. Some employers can set up an actual day care for pets, as well as a separate space for children.

Knowing that their loved ones are safe and enjoying themselves gives your employees the focus they require to finish a project. This perk also saves them substantial money for outside day care. Employers will find that workers have better concentration and less absenteeism.

Paid charitable work

There never seems to be enough time in the day to complete every chore or job. Reserving time for charitable work is almost impossible. Companies that offer paid time off for charity work are finding that quality people are vying for their jobs.

Employees want to help out, but they can’t afford to take a no-pay day off. Offered a paid salary, employees take several days a year to help others. As a result, the employer sees higher morale and loyalty from the employees, and it gives your company a good reputation in the community.

Negotiations aren’t unheard of

If the right person is interviewing for a position, don’t be afraid to negotiate. You could offer casual Fridays or an extra vacation day each year, if the person is valuable enough to hold onto.

The prospective employee may have a counteroffer during negotiation. For the right person, negotiations are normal and healthy. With a happy employer and employee, the business can only improve.

Health insurance and vacation days are no longer the only perks in the private sector. As an employer, take a look around the industry to find the right perks for the perfect employees. Your business will flourish.


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