Adam Carolla is best known for his various talk shows. His current show focuses on punishing contractors who scam people out of their money. The series aims to resolve issues with these lazy contractors and gets them to finish the work they started on their customers’ homes.

The concept of the show

Adam combines his comedy experience with his construction experience to deliver a reality show that helps people avoid shady contractors. After a thorough investigation is completed at the work site, Adam lures the contractor to a sting house.

This house is set up for the contractor to land another job. When Adam and his crew pop up out of nowhere, the contractor is caught. Adam’s crew involves a MMA fighter to keep the contractor in line.

The contractor is offered three choices. He can finish the job under Adam’s supervision, give the customers their money back, or fight the case in court. Most contractors finish the job rather than risk blackening their name any further.

The main lesson taught here is to avoid giving money to a contractor before it does the work. Many of these contractors just run or do shoddy service after getting paid.

Lessons learned the hard way

In addition to avoiding payment up front, people who are searching for the right contractor should ask for references. Those are meant to ensure the contractor has done good work in the past. Homeowners should verify that the contractor is licensed and insured.

If the contractor asks you to pay for the parts up front, beware. No money should be paid in advance, before any work is done. Parts such as door closers are not expensive, but the money adds up if the contractor has a lot of people lined up.

A verbal agreement is another thing to watch out for. Always get a contract in writing for evidence if the matter ever ends up in court. A written contract will describe all the work that needs done and might even include an estimate of the time it will take.

If the job isn’t completed within a reasonable time frame, you could take the contractor to court.

Public views of Catch a Contractor

Catch a Contractor is the name of Adam’s reality show. It takes a few ideas from the hit show Catch a Predator.

The first episode attracted 1.2 million viewers from around the world. It depicted a couple who had to live on the living room floor after a shoddy contractor destroyed part of their home. They were temporarily left without a bathroom.

Experts have said that the 1.2 million viewers broke a record for the largest audience in a series debut on the Spike cable channel since the premiere of Coal in 2011. One expert feels the show could do a little better job in some areas.

Brian Lowry, a TV columnist, described Adam’s show as watching a bazooka kill a cockroach for half an hour. This might be due to Spike TV’s reality formula, though.

The aim is to help people avoid bad contractors, but Brian believes that the show focuses too much on the punishment of the contractors. He might like it better if it actually described more ways that people can find good contractors, instead of punishing bad ones.

Adam’s show does provide some insight on avoiding bad contractors. Then it proceeds to punish the bad contractors for the public’s entertainment. This might be why it has captured an audience of more than 1 million viewers.


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