If you’ve ever worked at home or brought your pet into work, then you’ll know how dangerous these little furry critters can be. They might seem innocent, but they’re just lurking out of sight, waiting to knock a cup of coffee all over important paperwork or knock your external hard drive off the desk. Your cat’s attempts to gain your attention can actually result in data loss and major headaches. Here are five ways to protect your work from pets.

Keep Liquids Away

Liquid damage is the quickest way to kill your computer, data storage device or even a regular piece of paper. Even if you’re not the clumsy type, the last thing you need is your cat to walk over to a cup, rub against it, and send the liquid crashing down on your important work equipment. If you’re working from home, start keeping your drinks on a lower surface than your work to reduce the risk of liquid damage. For example, place a cup of coffee on a low shelf or inside of a drawer, while your computer stays up on a desk surface. That way, if a pet knocks the cup over, it won’t touch your work.

Move Business-Critical Items

You know that extremely important check that you need to deposit? Well your cat’s stolen it off your desk, and is chewing the corner to shreds. You just watched your dog steal a work phone off your desk, and it might be his new chew toy. Both of these scenarios can result in major work-related headaches. If you bring home items that are extremely fragile or important, you should keep them out of reach from pets. Put them on high up shelves or lock them away in cabinets. Just find a way to keep these little monsters from reaching them!

Play with Your Pets

Sometimes you pet just needs to burn off some energy and they’ll calm down. If your cat, dog, or other furry critter won’t stop begging for attention, break for a few minutes and play with them. Do something active, like playing catch or chasing them. Your pet will get worn out, take a nap, and stop destroying your work.

Invest in Pet Distractions

You can’t always drop everything to pay attention to your pet though. Invest in distracting toys that your animal can play with on their own, like cat toys that hang from door frames or hard chew toys for your dog. These pet distractions will keep them from clawing and chewing your work materials!

Pet-owners have to approach their environments like they have a child. Look out for vulnerable environments and avoid placing business materials in areas that your pets can reach. Back up your business data early and often.  Good luck, and watch those coffee spills!



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