When you ask a business owner where the majority of his budget goes apart from employee overhead, most will tell you it’s advertising. From monster corporations to mom-and-pop stores, advertising is an essential function for making a business successful.

In today’s ever-changing financial climate, more and more owners are looking to alternative forms of advertising that are both being cost-effective and productive in terms of attracting customers. One fairly traditional method of advertising that still remains popular among all kinds of businesses is vehicle wraps.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is involves either paint graphics on a car or a vinyl decals or wrap that is applied to a car to advertise a business. Vinyl wraps are more common because they tend to be less expensive to apply.

In addition, vinyl wraps can easily be removed, which protects the car’s original paint and eventual resale value. Also, they can be changed quickly and easily if the company alters a product, service, or brand to be advertised.

What are the benefits of a vehicle wrap?

Business owners who have wrapped vehicles are quick to tout the many benefits of this promotional approach. First, a wrapped vehicle acts like a sort of rolling billboard. When a wrapped vehicle goes down the road, it attracts attention. It also moves your brand and name over as large a geographic area as the vehicle may travel.

Also, you include certain details, such as your phone number and website URL, that potential customers can get access to quickly via their smartphones. A wrapped car is a one-time advertising expense that keeps paying dividends for as long as you own the car.

Trends in wrapped vehicle advertising

It’s not just small companies who have reported promotional rewards from a wrapped vehicle. Large companies have recognized the benefits of a rolling advertisement, and are turning their company cars into wrapped cars.

Instead of simply listing the company name or logo on the side of the vehicle, the bigger firms appreciate the fact that a wrapped car is an attention-grabber whether you meet it in traffic or find yourself traveling behind it.

In fact, some companies will even pay a driver or company to do nothing but drive around in a wrapped car. They’ve been known to pay private citizens to wrap their own car in corporate advertising.

Best practices for wrapping your company car

If you’re thinking of trying this method of advertising yourself, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. If you are purchasing a car to wrap, consider selecting a vehicle that has a unique body style. This will draw even more attention to your wrap.

2. Plan your design with care. Be sure the most important parts of your advertisement will be strategically placed so they can be easily seen.

3. Before you decide on a shop to do your wrap, ask to see other jobs the business has done. Make sure they do quality work and have satisfied customers.

4. Do your research on how to care for the wrap. Improper care will cause it to fade prematurely.


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