Seniors who live on their own can easily find themselves in a dangerous situation if the proper elderly conveniences are not installed for them in their home. That’s one of the reasons many families choose to move an elder member into a senior living community, so the person can be properly cared for.

While senior living facilities can be ideal for individuals who truly need regular medical care and attention, many older individuals are still able to live on their own and prefer to do so. While allowing a person to live on his or her own will likely be better for the person’s happiness and health, certain adjustments should be made to the premises to make the senior’s living space a little more secure.

Changes that can make a home safer for seniors

When an elder citizen is living at home, many things can be done to make the house a lot safer. One example would be mobility devices the senior can use when no one else is around. These types of devices, from a simple cane to a motorized scooter, will enable seniors to get around a lot more easily when they live by themselves.

Some insurance companies actually reimburse the cost of these kinds of devices, which makes it less of a burden for an elderly person to afford them.

Aside from mobility devices, other upgrades and installations can be accomplished within the home to make it safer for the senior who lives there. A bathroom that has handlebars near the toilet seat and in the bath tub will make it easier for the resident to get around safely in the bathroom.

Many people also find that a portable shower seat is ideal for individuals who need to sit down when they are bathing themselves. A lot of senior care items and safety features can be added to a home without paying a lot of money.

Upgrades to the house and in-home care

Upgrades to the home can also be done for seniors who are wheelchair bound. For example, a motorized seat that climbs the staircase enables the senior to get out of the wheelchair and go upstairs if he or she lives in a two-story home.

There are also remodels one can do to the exterior of the home, such as installing a wheelchair ramp for getting from the street through the doorway. These types of upgrades can sometimes be a bit pricey, so it’s wise to do some research before getting anything done.

When a senior citizen wants to live alone but still requires medical care, an in-home nurse can be retained to help out. These professionals are available around the clock for those who need care inside the home and do not plan to move into a living facility for the elderly.

In-home nursing care is a great option for older citizens who wish to retain their independence and live in their own house while continuing to receive necessary care.


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