The master bedroom is the room in which you spend some of your most precious time. It’s the space where few other people ever get to step, and it’s your personal haven. It’s the place you probably feel the most comfortable, relaxed, and at home.

If your master bedroom is anything less than stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable, it’s time to give it an overhaul that includes new furniture and decor. From small interior design changes to home-improvement projects that can make it a more appealing space, it’s time to get started making your bedroom your haven.

Closet design

You might figure since you can shut the door, it doesn’t matter what’s inside. This is simply not true of your master bedroom closet, however. If you haven’t a closet organization system, it’s time to break out your home improvement skills — or dialing fingers — and get one installed.

Your closet is part of your master bedroom, and that makes it important. How can you fully relax knowing that just behind that door is a disastrous, disorganized mess?

Start by purging things you haven’t worn in a year, don’t fit, and are no longer consonant with your taste; then have a closet system installed. This can include shelves, drawers, tables, and whatnot. The more organization, the better.

Focal point

When it comes to interior design, even amateurs know that every room should have a focal point. This might mean a beautiful piece of artwork hanging over your bed or the bed itself. Whatever you choose to make your master focal point, choose carefully.

Most experts recommend you make your bed your focal point. Position it in the center of the room and build the room around it. This means placing end tables, armoires, dressers, mirrors, and seating areas around the bed so it stays the main focus.


Just because it’s a bedroom doesn’t mean it should be devoid of artwork. Your master bedroom is the perfect place for a large canvas print of your wedding photos or your family.

It’s also a lovely place to hang a relaxing photo from your favorite vacation spot — blown up to create a piece of art.

Keep master bedroom colors warm and inviting. Stay away from colors that are too bold or brash. Make sure your sheets consist of a high thread count and your overhead lighting can be ignored in favor of soft lamp light for the most appeal and ambiance.


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