The first thing you think of when you think about the Internet is probably not fashion. The two don’t seem to have that much in common. The Internet is about technology and information, and neither has a lot to do with couture and style.

Actually, technology has everything to do with fashion, these days. In fact, the Internet has changed the world of fashion for many. With the introduction of the Internet came a whole new world of fashion, and it’s changed the way we think and shop, and even the way we dress.


Before the World Wide Web, certain fashion trends weren’t very accessible to many people. Look at it this way: a woman living in a rural part of Texas can’t just run down the street to Saks or Nordstrom to pick up a new pair of designer shoes.

She might live hundreds of miles from the nearest city that’s big enough to have stores of this type. This woman had to make a special trip to shop for designer styles and even just to investigate the latest trends, or she had to settle for wearing whatever was available at the local stores, which probably weren’t big-name department retailers.

Now she can get online and order the Jimmy Choo stilettos she’s been eyeing or the Louis Vuitton handbag she’s always wanted.

Fashion advice

The Internet has also hosted multiple forums on a subject many women focus on more than anything: fashion advice. It’s easier than ever for women to receive professional fashion advice without having to leave home.

We read celebrity style blogs, follow fashionistas on Pinterest, and access photos on celebrity social media accounts. Women have more fashion influence, thanks to the Internet. They can look for outfit ideas, hair styles, and make up looks on their smartphones and tablets while drinking their morning coffee.


Above and beyond all else, fashion is more convenient online. Women who are too busy or too irritated to spend hours trying on clothes and standing in long lines can simply shop online for the looks they want. They can price compare items in dozens of stores with one click of a button or a single app download.

The Internet and fashion might not seem to have anything in common from the outside, but inside, they have everything in common. Even a decade ago, shopping was a completely different activity from what it is now.

Today, it’s easier than ever to incorporate high fashion into your everyday life, thanks to the web, online shopping, and access to fashion you once only saw in the pages of glossy fashion magazines.


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