Software has had quite a run over the past few decades, but nothing comes close to the exciting software innovations of today. It’s moved from the old-school desktop programs and into the cloud, our smartphones, and our tablets.

There’s even software in our household appliances, our vehicles, and soon, our eyeglasses.

So how can you use these new innovations to put more money in your pocket? Well, regardless of whether you’re trying to increase profitability at a factory warehouse, or just in your own personal slush fund, there are ways to use today’s tech to increase your revenues.

Below are the top three ways we’re seeing people use today’s tools to do exactly that.

1. Smartphone apps that find work

If we’re talking about personal revenue generation, a new series of mobile apps deal with micro-tasking and crowdsourced small jobs that really add up. If you’re looking for something to do in retirement or just to get by, check out these top task apps!

2. Check in with people without really checking in with people

Whether it’s an email serving program or a customer relationship management system that sends out periodic messages to your top customers and prospects, software can automate the process of reaching out and keeping in touch. That’s incredibly important in business, and will bring you opportunities you otherwise would not have known about!

3. Automation of your operations

Automation is a funny word, isn’t it? Depending on whether you’re a fan of high-leverage, hands-off processes, or prefer hands-on, constantly managed operations, the word “automation” can be either highly appealing or very frightening.

Either way, you’ll love what today’s software is capable of doing now for almost any kind of business management style! Software is exceptional at managing databases, and that means if you work in customer service, sales, or inventory management of any kind, today’s software is going to help you drive productivity to previously unimaginable levels.

If you’re managing inventory at a huge warehouse, for example, there are tools that use RFID technologies and other automated processes and can virtually eliminate the loss or mishandling of items. Imagine how much time, expense, and stress would be saved if nothing was ever lost or mishandled!

That’s what today’s software can do to transform your business and your life.


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