Surprises are fun; the very nature of the word means unexpected joy. But there’s a dark side to surprises, too, and certain unexpected events in the business world can absolutely take you by surprise … in a very, very, very bad way.

So let’s talk about the biggest three issues that you’ll want to prepare yourself for. These are critical items that catch many businesses by surprise.

1. Industry busters

These days, industries are being created and destroyed overnight. If you don’t keep your eyes on the current tech trends and industry developments that apply to your business, you may find yourself on a ship that’s sinking fast, with little or no warning.

For example, when smartphones decided to do what Garmin GPS units did, the stock instantly tanked.

2. Public crises online or offline

Have you seen any stories recently about a popular brand getting hacked, or caught off guard in some other way, while a crisis emerged and gathered steam overnight or across an entire weekend? It’s increasingly common for this to happen with brands who don’t have an active crisis management team and set of procedures.

If this should happen to your firm, you’ll want to make sure all the most popular social media outlets are covered by a customer service representative who will listen, reply professionally, and in every way preserve a positive image of your company and brand.

In the event of a crisis, one person who is actively available to help is perhaps all that will be necessary to save your business’s precious and hard-earned reputation with its current and potential customers!

3. Knowledge transfer

We’ve all heard that employee turnover is a killer of operational efficiency. The knowledge-transfer piece of this problem is the part that’s really difficult to do well. Too often there’s a new trainer, a new employee, a changing policy, and all sorts of urgency to replace an employee who recently left (or a role that’s been newly created).

Luckily there are blogs that supply vital insights into these transitions, and experts who specialize in the unique dynamics of this critical issue in business.

If you’re not ready for knowledge transfer, you might want to get some outside expertise lined up in order to prepare your company for smooth transitions that will make for a seamless and consistent operational flow and continued profitability.


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