We are human; we have faces, each different from the next guy. In their innocence and beauty, children have a voice that speaks softly, but speaks, nonetheless.

The problem is that society doesn’t see children’s faces; we do not often see the personality of a real, living, breathing individual with feelings. During rush hour and other times when selfish needs rule supreme, we forget that each and every one of us has a face in society.

We all have an important purpose, which is often beaten down by neglect and abuse.

What is wrong with society?

One of the worst things that’s wrong with society is the tendency to neglect children. From history, we have stories of neglected and abused children and children from very poor families being forced into heavy labor.

As time passed, this changed and children were left on the streets to try to care for themselves. Who can truly say which was a more cruel fate?

The truth is, most of us have no idea what happiness truly is. To children without homes, happiness is simply having a family.

An example of a lost childhood

A recent case involved a young Russian girl who had been waiting for the right adoptive parents to come to her rescue. Not until her 13th year did her “dream” parents arrive from the United States, unaware of the girl’s troubled past.

Not long after returning to the US, the adoptive parents tried to reverse the adoption. Unable to do so, they sent her into the streets to fend for herself.

This story of neglect has been repeated with many children in and around the New York area. Stories of neglect show the tendency of society to give up on the younger generation and expect the children to strike out on their own.

For many years after this young Russian girl had reached adulthood, she tried to contact the only parents she had ever known. Every time that she called them, they would insist that she find another life. This Russian woman still keeps a portrait of her “parents” at her bedside.

No matter how horrific this may seem, the story is true, in its entirety. Many children, hundreds and even thousands, are neglected or abused every day.

Self-centered values and greedy minds have set the conditions for a grim outlook for many babies born each day. To change this outlook would take much work and improvement by society.

Is there any hope for the children?

Beyond the pain and the hurt, the anger and the strife, how can we not love those who stand beside us? After all, we are all part of the same family, the human family.

There is hope. On the crowded streets of society, we see the individual faces. Many of these people are good and loyal members of society working for change.

The probable wish of children everywhere is that these loving people can spread the disease of kindness, and change the way we see and view the future of mankind. For the children’s sake, let’s hope so.


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