An injury or illness that causes severe back pain can be overwhelming. Many people suffer through unnecessary pain, though, because they don’t realize that physical therapy can help them overcome it.

If you are one of the millions people who suffer back pain on a regular basis, consulting with your doctor about physical therapy can have significant benefits. Your back pain could become something you no longer have to live with.

Physical therapy decreases back pain

Physical therapy can go a long way toward decreasing back pain. Your physical therapist will study your medical history, discuss your pain and create a customizedplan that works for you.

It could include passive and active therapies designed to ease the pain and increase the function in your back. This can help you as you go about everyday activities such as exercise and work.

Physical therapy helps prevent future injury

Back pain is something that can come and go thanks to injury or mishap. When you take the time to go through physical therapy, you do more than just ease your pain momentarily. You actually take it a step further and help prevent future injury to your back.

Your physical therapist’s job is to ensure that your back is as healthy as possible so that future injury or mishap will not cause additional pain to your back. It’s a benefit that can significantly increase your quality of life.

Finding the right therapist

The only thing standing between you and relief from your back pain is the right physical therapist. Yours should have a personality that makes it easy to get along with him or her, a sense of humor, confidence, enthusiasm and a great deal of knowledge.

If these qualities don’t describe your current therapist for back pain you might need to make a change. Don’t feel guilty about looking for a new therapist. Studies have shown that a quality therapist is paramount to a successful treatment program.


Physical therapy is something people often mistake for something different. It’s not just for those who’ve suffered intense injury or accidents that have disabled their bodies. Physical therapy is for anyone who experiences chronic or persistent pain and would like to live life a little more comfortably.


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