It might come as a surprise to some people that certain health problems aren’t necessarily big enough to worry about right away. What does that mean? It means you might need surgery to improve your health, but the situation does not constitute an emergency.

When surgery isn’t a life-saving matter or immediately necessary, people will be inclined to put it off. They might postpone having a joint replaced or a nose issue corrected simply because it’s not an emergency.

But putting off surgery for too long isn’t a good idea. Here are three good reasons that postponing elective surgery can be a mistake.

1. Lack of insurance in the future

The biggest reason many people put off their elective surgeries is fear of the unknown. They don’t know what the cost will be, whether they will have a job a year from now to ensure they will be able to pay their medical bills, or if it’s a good decision to spend money on surgery right now.

However, uncertainty goes both ways. Those who put off surgery might not know if they’ll still be employed a year from now, but they also don’t know what type of health insurance they’ll have in a year. Putting off surgery could mean not being able to have it at all due to a loss of insurance coverage down the road.

2. Medical consequences of delaying treatment

A polyp might not seem like something you have to worry about right this second, and often it’s not. However, the longer you delay the elective surgery to have a polyp removed, the greater your chance of discovering that non-immediate health issue has become a serious one.

For example, the polyp could continue to grow each day that you don’t have surgery to remove it. If this happens, the chances of it becoming a tumor increase significantly. This means your formerly elective surgery has become a medical emergency.

3. Surgery now can be cheaper and easier

If you have an elective surgery in the works, you could consider having it performed at an outpatient facility such as miVIP. With professional doctors on staff and a facility fully equipped to handle minor procedures so you can rest assured your minimally invasive surgery will go smoothly, there’s no reason to put it off any longer.

Just because you have a minor health issue that doesn’t require immediate attention, that doesn’t mean you absolutely shouldn’t address it right away. The faster you have your outpatient surgery performed, the faster you can stop worrying about pain, a more serious development, and your ultimate health.


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