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Business trips have the potential to be enjoyable, but they can also be disastrous. When it comes to booking travel for you and your employees it’s vital to keep a few considerations in mind to ensure your comfort and pleasure.

This is especially true when choosing accommodations for your employees. Depending on how often they travel, it can be beneficial for your firm to develop a relationship with a brand of hotels where you’ll benefit from accumulating points every time you book an employee stay.

In addition, it’s important for you to select a brand of hotel that offers the right amenities for your staff.


As with any form of real estate, location matters. One of the most useful aspects of any business trip is accommodation that’s close to where your meetings and other activities will occur. While many are held in hotel meeting rooms, not all corporate events are.

Furthermore, if the corporate event your employees are attending offers after-meeting cocktail parties and events, you’ll probably want your employees to stay close to their hotel to eliminate extra transportation costs and long drives.


Your employees should enjoy a certain level of comfort while traveling on business. That helps to keep them productive and focused.

In their rooms your employees will appreciate such items as coffee makers, hair dryers, Internet access, and an alarm clock to help them wake in a timely fashion.

Hotel amenities that may be of some importance to your employees include dining options, business centers, and entertainment.

Simply because they’re traveling away from home doesn’t mean your employees should have to skip their morning or evening workout routine, which makes an on-site gym or fitness center handy. A pool is an attractive option for those who enjoy a swim to work out or unwind after a long day of meetings.


You might not regard parking as something that’s an issue when booking a hotel for your employees who travel on business, but it’s a solid safety precaution. Your employees should be in a hotel with a well-lit parking lot if valet service is not available.

Additionally, an accommodation with interior doors is essential. You don’t want your employees in rooms with outside access that makes it easy for anyone to enter.

When you’re hunting up hotel accommodations for company business trips, choose wisely. If possible, create a relationship with a well-known, name-brand company that has ready accommodations in the regions your employees visit frequently.

Make sure your people aren’t sacrificing their comfort for your business needs.


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