The good news about gas in infants is that it’s not typically indicative of a bigger problem. Babies who suffer from gas – even frequently – are not typically sick or in any danger. They just need a little relief.

If your baby seems particularly gassy, it’s not abnormal. However, if you’d like to prevent gas from happening to your baby, there are simple things you can try.

Use the right bottle

Bottle-fed babies sometimes suffer more gas because the nipple on the bottle lets too much formula or milk to flow through. This can overwhelm your infant’s stomach, causing gas.

Switch to a bottle with a slow flow to help prevent gas. You can find bottles like this by checking labels and by using bottles designated for specific age ranges.

Burp correctly

Babies need to be burped during and after each meal. Some parents only burp their babies after a feeding, which can cause gas. From this point forward, stop halfway through each feeding and burp your baby. Once he or she burps, continue the feeding and then burp the baby again.

Consider your own diet

As a breast-feeding parent, what you eat can affect your baby. Keep a journal of what you eat and how fussy your baby seems to be that day. If you notice that gas seems to occur more often when you eat specific foods, consider eliminating them from your diet.

Each baby is different, which means what you eat may or may not have any effect on your baby whatsoever. Additionally, what bothers one baby might not bother a future baby.

Natural remedies

If you simply cannot avoid gas, consider handling it with natural remedies. Over-the-counter medications with natural ingredients have the ability to ease gas and make sure your baby feels happy and healthy. They’re not harsh or difficult to consume, which means your baby is less likely to resist taking these remedies.


Knowing what causes infant gas and how to prevent it can ease some stress in your life. No parent likes to see alittle ones upset. It’s difficult to see your baby suffer from discomfort caused by gas. Use this as motivation to help prevent gas. You’ll notice your baby is happier and less fussy when you do.


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