When it comes to selling your house, you’ll hear all kinds of advice. Your friends and family will have opinions on how to sell your home quickly, and your real estate agent will have a professional set of opinions. And while nearly all of those tips might be helpful, you might be missing a few things that are obvious to buyers, but not so much to sellers and their agents.

Here is a handful of mistakes we see people make when they’re trying to appeal to today’s savvy real estate buyer. Make sure you don’t commit any of these errors or oversights in your crucially important listing.

1. No photos

No photos imply one thing: this property is probably ugly. What else can the buyer assume? If your place was beautiful, you’d be glad to show it off in pictures, right? Photos are absolutely mandatory when it comes to real estate listings. Without them, you’ll generate little interest.

2. Mentioning the words “as is” in any context

Possibly from the used car industry or used appliance industry, buyers are very wary of the term “as is”. When most buyers read that, they read “there’s something wrong with this property, and I hope you don’t find it”. Don’t use that terminology, ever.

3. Appearing as a non-specialist

Buyers want to know that their agent is a specialist in the area they’re looking for, and sellers should be looking for that as well. When you’re taking a look at your agent’s page and their overall presence surrounding your listing, ask yourself if it looks like the agent is a specialist in your city or neighborhood. If you’re in Reno, does the real estate agent have a page that is focused on Reno real estate listings? This is crucial in the eyes of buyers and sellers alike.

4. Repairs needed

If major repairs are needed, make sure to mention the remedy before the problem. This is known as addressing the objection. If a wall needs repaired, ideally you’d do it before listing the property, but if you can’t, a good way to present this issue is to say “Seller offers a $1,000 repair credit to finish wall in basement.”


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