The 2014 Winter Olympic Games, starting Feb. 7 in Sochi, Russia, will feature their fair share of extreme sports. Skiing, bobsledding, luge and snowboarding will excite both audiences and athletes as these trained competitors challenge themselves with risky sports.

The Olympics also can motivate others to try new sports and hobbies. Beware, though, that what you see on TV isn’t always something you should try at home without some training. Here are three tips for when you’re ready to get into more extreme sports.

Learn the basics

In order to participate in an extreme sport and reduce the risk of injury or failing, be sure to understand the basics. If you try to rush into doing tricks before you are physically and mentally prepared, it could result in injury. Understanding the event and the physics involved can help you succeed.

Join a club

It may be difficult to get into an extreme sport without knowing anyone who personally participates. Finding a local organization that participates in skiing trips or snowboarding runs can help get your foot in the door. These clubs are usually run by semi-professionals who can offer advice on gear to purchase, places to go, and technique on how to get started doing tricks if you already have the basics down.

Finding those that are like-minded and want to be better at a sport can help with the motivation to stick with it, even though it may be difficult or discouraging after watching the professionals.

Use the correct equipment

By researching the sport, going out and trying it yourself, and getting advice from members on the slopes or in your club, you will learn more about how to choose the equipment that is better for you. Whether you are renting or purchasing, the right gear will fit properly. It also needs to be for the correct gender – sizes will be different for men and women.

By following these tips, you can get yourself out in groups that will motivate you and offer advice on how to improve yourself without injury. By using the correct equipment and proper knowledge, your extreme sport can turn into a lasting hobby.


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