Insurance coverage is never a fun topic of discussion. Despite the fact that none of us want to think about getting hurt, accidents do occasionally happen. For athletes participating in riskier physical endeavors, the odds of getting injured are even higher. Individuals participating in these high-risk sports inevitably suffer injuries from time to time. For those wishing to protect themselves from mounting medical bills, extreme sports insurance is an excellent option to consider.

What Exactly is Extreme Sports Insurance?

Extreme sports insurance is precisely what its name implies. ESI covers a whole range of sports and related injuries. Some major extreme sports insurance providers even offer coverage for day-to-day injuries as well, including broken bones or sprains that happen at home or work. These providers generally offer supplemental insurance plans that cover injuries and expenses above and beyond that covered by standard health insurance plans. With extreme sports insurance, athletes ensure that they’ll have more comprehensive coverage if an accident does occur. Such coverage provides athletes with a sense of reassurance that an injury will not result in a devastating financial burden.

What Kinds of Athletes Should Consider Extreme Sports Coverage?

Extreme sports coverage is available for athletes participating in almost any sport. Some insurance providers offer the coverage to non-athletes as well. Though all athletes may benefit from ESI, these sports in particular are particularly suitable for coverage:

- Skiing, Snowboarding, and other winter sports

- Football

- Ice Hockey

- Wresting, boxing, and MMA fighting

- BMX, motocross, and mountain biking

- Skateboarding, longboarding, and related sports

- Other extreme sports

More standard sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball are covered as well. According to NHS Choices, a number of sports injuries can occur from these sports, too. Most ESI providers offer a broad range of coverage. It is likely that you will be able to obtain coverage regardless of your chosen sport.

Benefits of Having Extreme Sports Insurance Coverage

There are a number of significant benefits to acquiring extreme sports insurance. Purchasing sports-related insurance is a smart decision for athletes seriously involved in their sport. According to statistics acquired by sports insurance companies, nearly 2 million individuals are injured each year as a result of their athletic endeavors. These injuries are often only minimally covered by standard health insurance policies. Without extreme sports insurance, daredevil adventurers and athletes might find themselves struggling to pay off thousands of dollars in medical bill debt. ESI policies, which can often be acquired for a fraction of this price, can help save athletes from the crushing burden of expensive medical treatment.

Good extreme sports insurance providers will also offer you a fair insurance plan. Most providers ensure that your rates will never rise, even if you sustain an injury. Some providers even offer cash directly to sufferers, allowing them to pay their bills, purchase groceries, and cover their day-to-day needs while recovering. With a reliable ESI provider, you will be covered 24/7 and receive the treatment you deserve.

Things to Look for in an Extreme Sports Insurance Provider

Before settling on an extreme sports insurance provider, be sure to consider the following:

- Is this provider licensed in your state? Some ESI providers only cover certain geographic areas. Be sure that your state is covered by the insurance provider. If you participate in extreme sports abroad, be sure that the provider covers international injuries as well.

- Find a straight-forward and honest ESI provider. Run a background check on the company to ensure that other customers have had good experiences with the provider. If possible, find a provider that offers contract-free plans with no deductibles.

- Seek a plan that fits your activity level and budget. If you’re a student, look for a simple and affordable insurance plan. Professional extreme athletes ought to look into more comprehensive coverage options. Find a plan that truly suits your needs.

- Understand the “fine print.” Some ESI providers are more straight-forward than others. Be sure you fully comprehend a policy before making a final purchase. Policies often cover only a certain range of treatments and may require that your medical treatment take place within a particular time-frame. Providers almost never cover pre-existing injuries. Take your time to thoroughly consider the provider’s insurance policies.

Though extreme sports insurance isn’t for everyone, devoted athletes may want to consider purchasing such policies. By making smart decisions today, athletes and adventurers can save themselves a lot of time, effort, and money in the future.


Europe has an enormous number of locations that feature archaeological sites and ruins that often appeal to visitors. The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and a large selection of castles scattered about different countries remain quite popular. In the United States, Native Americans have inhabited the continent for thousands of years. However, these cultures are not associated with creating elaborate structures. Nonetheless, Americans need not update visas and venture overseas to see relics. Unbeknownst to many, in various destinations across the United States there are also indications of at least visitations from ancient civilizations.

The Berkeley Mystery Walls-San Francisco, California

From Berkeley to San Jose is the remnant of a stone wall constructed from stacked stones. Though largely configured in a straight line, in one location, the stones form an interesting spiral. The exact age of the structure remains unknown as native Ohlone people report the walls existed at the time of their arrival. Spanish pioneers voiced the same claim. The age and weight of the stones embedded the wall deeply into the soil. At the beginning of the 20th century, an archeologist speculated that Mongolians may have visited the area. Artifacts of weaponry found in various spots across the country suggest that the Vikings may also have been here at one time. The wall is too low to serve as a defense and there are gaps apparent. The origin remains unknown and presents a curious anomaly.

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel-Lovell, Wyoming

The Americas feature a variety of medicine wheel configurations in many different destinations. The Native Americans consider the structures sacred. The largest of these interesting designs measures 75 feet in diameter and exists in Wyoming. Though the exact date of origin remains unknown, the wheel came into being sometime before the arrival of the Crow people. Based on the direction of the spokes, one astronomer suggested that the wheel was used to chart constellations and commemorate the summer and winter solstices.

The Blythe Intaglios-Blythe, California

The Nazca Lines found in Peru are quite well-known. However during the 1930s, a pilot found similar formations when flying to Nevada. The geoglyphs consist of enormous human-like figures carved into the desert anywhere from 450 to 2,000 years ago. The largest image measures more than 170 feet in length. Scientists believe that the Mojave people created the images. Interestingly, much like the Nazca Lines, it remains unknown how a primitive culture so accurately created the site without aerial navigation.

The Great Serpent Mound-Hillsboro, Ohio

Beneath a lush green lawn lies a 1,300-foot elevated earthwork structure that resembles an undulating snake swallowing what appears to be an egg. The unusual sight was first discovered by European pioneers in 1812. Three decades later, surveyors from the Smithsonian Institute performed a formal investigation. Though most agree that the mound was created by pre-Columbian cultures, the purpose and creators remain unknown.

The Mystery Hill-Salem, New Hampshire

Dubbed “America’s Stonehenge,” the site differs greatly from the stone megalith. The destination consists of a series of complex stone structures, walls and caves. Archaeologists speculate that the location was built in the 17th century. However, the precise date, reason for the site and who may have created the structures remains unknown. After the discovery, the hill soon became a tourist attraction. H.P. Lovecraft reported visited the location and one episode of the X-Files was filmed nearby.


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As people age, they begin to become more concerned about their overall health and well-being. Who can blame them? Being sick these days gets expensive. This is especially the case when your doctor has prescribed a lot of medications. To avoid this problem, many people have decided to take control of their own health. They spend hours online educating themselves about the latest diets, exercise regiments and health supplements. When a person is striving to become healthier, it is easiest if they surround themselves with other like-minded people. For this reason, many health-minded individuals search for a community of people who will support them in their health-related goals. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find people in a person’s local area who share their healthy lifestyle values. The good news is that it is possible to build a thriving health-related support network online.

Getting Your Online Health Community Up and Running

If a person truly wants to start their own online health community and support network, the initial steps are not too difficult. According to the Yahoo-groups website, they are an online community designed to connect people who have common interests. Anyone can begin to structure a topic-centric community online by using the free Yahoo-groups platform. Depending on how one sets up the moderation features of a free Yahoo-group they can either turn a Yahoo-group into a forum or a newsletter. If all a person wants to do is provide health-related information to a group of subscribers, then it is simply a matter of setting the Yahoo-group up to restrict other member postings. In this case, the list-owner can provide all the information to the group in a newsletter format. If they want more group participation, then allowing members to post to their health-related Yahoo-group is the way to go. To obtain more regular participation, a Yahoo-group moderator can advertise their group and assign other moderators, giving them tasks central to increasing the health-related knowledge base of the list members. Many of these online communities grow into the thousands of members and remain quite active.

Expanding the Reach of Your Online Health Community

Once an online health community has been running solid for a while, something else a group owner can do is to expand the influence of the group. Because millions of people are online looking for up-to-date health-based information, there is actually quite an interest in people wanting to get involved with spreading health-related news. Many such groups start petitions and push for reforms, using the online environment as a means to promote their message of healthy living and alerting the public to very real health concerns. Often these movements lead to real changes in a variety of industries and government policies involving the health of the general public. When this sort of change happens, it helps to reveal the real power consumers have over companies who may not have their best interests in mind; thus, helping to further expose why such community-based movements are necessary in these modern times.


Winter holiday is something everybody looks forward to. After a busy winter holiday, having a pleasant transition back into work can make a big difference. Leaving your office clean and spotless can be one way to make coming back easier. Coming back to an orderly environment can serve as a great motivator.

Remove Clutter

After a whole year full of hard work, it is common to end up with a desk full of things that are unnecessary. Getting rid of excessive paperwork and other items that may have collected is necessary. If you are not comfortable getting rid of some paperwork, scanning it into the computer gives you a way to keep it without sacrificing desk or drawer space. Hard copies can also be filed into labeled binders and put away neatly for future use. Going through all the files, desks and cabinets and getting rid of unnecessary items will give your office a clean, inviting appearance. Employees are more likely to want to come back to a clean office space. According to Enlighten Me, “one final benefit of a clean office to employee productivity is that there will be less time lost, and hence less productivity lost, due to clutter”. Cleaning your office before leaving for the holidays results in more productive staff when vacation is over.

Enlist Help

There is often more to be done than the hours in a day allow. It is worthwhile to seek the help of professional cleaners, especially for a deep clean at the end of the year. According to Jan Pro, it is necessary to have your office cleaned by “highly trained professionals who detail your office environment with premium grade cleaning products and processes.” Such high quality service leaves your office in pristine condition, awaiting a new year full of success. This also works as a sign of appreciation to all of the employees, since they are rewarded with a luxurious, clean working space.

Digital Clutter

An area that is largely overlooked when it comes to cleaning is the computer. This is odd since the computer is one of the most used items in most offices. Instead of post-it notes, more people are using their computers and e-mails as reminders. This can result in a cluttered, barely functional e-mail. Before leaving for the holidays, it is wise to go through all your e-mails, deleting anything that is not needed. E-mails that contain information that may be needed in the future can be placed in a specific folder. it is vital to delete e-mails after they have been read and replied to. The extra few seconds that it takes to delete a message helps make the e-mail experience more functional. Deleting notes and e-mails before holiday also allows you to easily access the long list of new mails that will be in your inbox when you return from vacation. Not having to sift through several weeks-old e-mails increases productivity, which is one of the main goals for most workplaces.

The key to a clean office is being able to let go. Disposing of unnecessary things creates a clean environment that is more inviting. Frequently utilizing professional cleaning services also helps keep the office in check. Having a clean office when returning from winter holiday can help an employee feel motivated.


Valley of the Golden Mummies

Few would downplay the importance of ancient Egypt and its role in shaping the world we live in today. As civilizations go, theirs was an enigma in that they were able to do things that we still don’t quite understand.

The most obvious is the building of the great pyramid, a construction that would be extremely challenging with the heavy equipment that we have at our disposal toady. Building it by hand in 20 years as the books tell is beyond comprehension and there is still a ton of debate about how this possible could have been done.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to bask in the sun on an amazing beach when everyone else is braving the snow and freezing weather? This winter, explore some of the most amazing beaches in the world without your winter clothes. According to TeenyB, you can also look as elegant and as sexy as these beaches putting you in the right frame of mind to enjoy yourself. Where can you go to feel the warmth of the tropics?

Eleuthera Island

Bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, Eleuthera Island lies approximately 75 miles east of The Bahamas. This thin island provides spectacular views of the ocean and offers rocky, natural pools that are several feet inland from the main body of water. In some areas, you can see the profound difference in water color on either side of the island based on depth with Eleuthera as the dividing land mass.

Tulum, Mexico

On the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, an awe-inspiring beach of white sand stretches along the shores facing the Caribbean sea. Tulum, Mexico not only has the breath-taking view of the tropical waters, but it’s also the site of ancient Mayan ruins overlooking the shores as well. The ruins are over 700 years old and give this beach a unique and historical appearance. Few places in the Caribbean offer such an experience as it reminds visitors the significance of the area. According to Valerie Conners of Travel Channel, some of the ruins near the beach had been placed nearly two centuries ago.

Shoal Bay, Australia

Australia has many beaches and is a focal point for those looking to see marine life swim beneath the surface of the water. Shoal Bay is one of those more memorable spots. Visitors attest to the warmth of the water as fish can be easily seen through the crystal blue water for a great distance from the shore. Few rocks can be felt under-foot along the beach allowing one to bask in the warmth of the white, soft sand.

The Maldives

South of mainland India on the edge of the Arabian Sea lies one of Earth’s finest tropical jewels. The Maldives are a collection of small islands that are so close to the sea level that there is speculation about rising waters diminishing the island chain. This is one of those areas where you don’t want to procrastinate visiting. An abundance of marine life and magnificent beaches embrace this site.

Lanikai, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach is on the eastern side of Honolulu and provides a spectacular view of the North Pacific Ocean offset by the mountains from the inland areas. A short distance into the ocean there are several small land masses that seem to spring up from the water like tiny mountain peaks.

There’s nothing wrong with spending the winter indoors while cuddled up by the fire. However, a tropical paradise can be just a romantic without the numbing cold. Give yourself a reason to adorn yourself with swimwear instead of parkas, and get yourself out on the beach during the winter.



Art is all about expression. It is also all around us, giving context to the culture in which the artist lives. What an artist imagines, how they feel and their ability to see things in a unique way permeates the art they create. For the genuine artist this sometimes means bearing their soul in the process of forging a work that reveals their signature touch. Many of these works become prized possessions of art collectors, usually purchased at auction for large sums of money. What has made the art that belongs to our modern culture so different from years past is that we live in a technological age. It introduces a situation where technology becomes part of the expressive quality that certain artists seek to exploit. It is hoped that technology, when being used, will become an extension of the artists own abilities. The fear is that reliance on technology in constructing a work of art will take away from the artists innate artistic ability. Still there are many who use technology to enhance their works of art, because technology provides them with the best solution for the techniques they intend to employ.

Technologies That Make Art Happen

If you look around you, you will probably find many technological gadgets that are useful in a variety of art based applications. Computers are certainly a big part of modern art, since very intricate graphics are able to be worked out on a screen. Computerized graphics are also easily altered and can be theoretically printed on a variety of materials. In addition, a commercial artist may choose to develop an automated system, where the computer is controlling how an airbrushed painting is being rendered. This is particularly helpful when the software used to develop the picture is able to take that image and change how it is represented topologically. According to an article at vr.isdale.com, by the 1990′s it was even possible to scan humans in 3D, making human scans available for all sorts of art-based applications. Today, this technology has come much further, ever providing artists with the ability to do more elaborate scanning and graphical renderings.

The Age of 3D Printers

What is inevitably going to be an invaluable tool to any artist with an imagination is the advent of the 3D printer. With the ability to render objects in 3D, an artist will not only be able to produce computer based paintings, but they will also have an ability to control the surface of the 3-dimensional canvas they are printing to. This could potentially make it possible not only to produce extremely realistic works of art, but extremely convincing fakes as well. With 3D scanning technology and software that calculates brush strokes to a high precision, it may be possible to have an authentic-looking Mona Lisa hanging in a person’s own living room. Not only may the painting look original to the eye, but the improved abilities of 3D printing may also make the rendering feel very authentic to the touch as well.



For many homeowners, performing home improvements is one of the pleasures of owning a home. Each improvement can boost the aesthetic appeal of the place and may even make the home a more environmentally friendly residence. Green Residential, a property management company located in Houston, suggests making home improvements based upon what is popular in your location. Real estate agents have been gathering information from home improvement companies, contractors and home owners to assess what home improvement trends will be the most popular throughout 2015 and beyond.

1. Green Home Improvements

According to this blog by Hutch News on hutchnews.com, green home improvements were a top 2014 trend, and this will continue throughout 2015. Some popular green home improvements include the addition of environmentally friendly insulation that improves the home’s energy efficiency and the conversion of incandescent light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs.

2. Automated Home Control Systems

Today’s homeowners are busier than ever. Instead of manually setting the thermostat or putting the lights on individual timers while away, you can look to automated home control systems such as Wink and The Nest to manage your home systems for you. These systems are integrated with your wiring and can also be wired into your home security system. You can control these systems through any internet connection by downloading the app onto your mobile device.

3. Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are a popular trend for homeowners seeking to boost their home’s energy efficiency. The most recent innovations in residential windows include UV coatings and triple panes that reduce unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. These windows come in a variety of sizes and can even be created in custom configurations such as circular shapes. Replacement windows add resale value to the home as well, which is why they will remain a trendy upgrade.

4. Recycled Flooring

As homeowners become more conscious of the types of materials coming into their homes, recycled flooring has increased in popularity. Manufacturers have responded by creating a wide variety of options, which are expected to grow in range for 2015. You can purchase carpeting made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. The carpet padding can also be created from recycled materials. Another option selected by many homeowners is the use of reclaimed wood from structures being demolished. This wood is refinished and adds a unique look to any room in the home.

5. Environmentally Friendly Cabinetry

Giving the cabinetry a facelift or a total replacement, is a common home improvement project for homeowners looking to completely change the look of a kitchen, bathroom or laundry area. Instead of using wood that comes from rain forests or other problematic sources, homeowners are selecting more environmentally friendly cabinetry materials. Some homeowners are choosing to refinish their existing cabinetry. Others are looking to sustainable materials such as bamboo rather than exotic hardwoods. Reclaimed wood or reclaimed and refinished cabinets are also gaining in use for homes in 2015.


How can you motivate your employees and colleagues to be as productive as possible? It’s a holistic approach and no single change is going to do it for everyone (or probably anyone). Plus, it also requires creating teams that work well together since some combinations (like too many dreamers and not enough doers) can be deadly to your company. When it comes to productivity, it’s a constant honing that you’ll never really perfect.

From having the right environment during special events as well as the daily grind to understanding which personality types work best together, there are many equations to better productivity. It also depends on your industry and goals. However, here are some foundational basics to get started:

1. Happiness

Happy employees are healthy, productive employees. In fact, Forbes even reported that the happier your employees are, the more money the business will make. However, many companies don’t make happiness a constant, high priority and instead try to inject it randomly (such as with forced office birthday parties). Be transparent with your workers and get feedback on what will actually make them happier.

2. A healthy environment

The health of your environment will play a huge role in how productive everyone is, which is why regular professional cleaning is a must. The healthier your employers are, the better they’ll be able to do their job. Infuse as much natural light as possible, encourage or require frequent breaks, and consider starting an office run/walk club or other fitness incentive. Even a daily lunch stroll can have huge benefits according to Real Simple, and it also provides a bonding opportunity.

3. The right tools and technology

You can’t expect your employees to be as productive as possible if you’re not kitting them out with the latest tools and technology. Your competition might be doing so, which puts you (and all your employees) at a major disadvantage. Remember that these items are tax write-offs for the business. Otherwise, you’re asking someone in Crocs to win a marathon for you.

4. Regular training

Just because Susie in accounting got her training with your company 12 years ago doesn’t mean she remembers anything or that the information is even relevant today. People forget, things change, and it’s normal to feel embarrassed asking for clarification on something a person is supposed to be doing everything. Provide regular training for all employees and teams, and you’ll discover things are suddenly being handled much better.

5. Give options

There are more and more companies offering telecommuting and virtual office options. For some employees, this can massively boost their productivity but for others it can hinder it. You can’t play favorites, so experiment by offering trial runs. You’ll find out if certain job descriptions work well with telecommuting, or if it’s just some people.

6. Give incentives

If you really want a certain person or team to do their best, inject some healthy competition into the mix. From making a certain sales goal to having the highest customer satisfaction rating, there are many approaches you can take with this. Make sure the incentive is truly desirable, such as a paid Friday or Monday for a long weekend or an impressively high gift certificate to a local restaurant.

When it comes to the productivity of your employees, a lot of it is in your hands. However, it’s tempting to get lazy and settle for good enough. Put some hustle into your workplace and actively encourage productivity on a daily basis. Remember that leading by example is powerful stuff, so don’t exempt yourself from following your own recommendations and bolstering your own productivity levels.


Heading off to college will be an exciting time for students ready to partake in the next stage of their educational development. For many students, choosing a college with a good location is important. Some students want to stick close to home. Others want access to a school that provides them, not only with a solid core program for their field of study, but also with the opportunity for a strong social life. Many students check to see what types of social outlets surround the college they are choosing as well as times of operation. It is easy to imagine that once they are away from home, it is going to be all fun and games. For many of these students, this is the first time they have lived away from home. This generally means that a student will either end up proving to their parents that they are capable of being responsible on their own, or it means that they are bound to face some problems along the way.

Choosing a College Located in a Good Area

Aside from concerns a student might have about all the homework their professors will be piling on them, it is also important to make sure that the college they attend resides in a good area. The last thing an inexperienced student wants is to get on a campus with a lot of crime. The idea of seeking an education is not to become an unwitting victim of criminal activity in the process. Consequently, a college that offers its students excellent campus security and sufficient evening lighting are two factors to consider here. A lot of inner city colleges may have decent campus security but poor lighting in certain areas. This should be of greater concern to female students than male students. This stems from the fact that many female students are abducted every year from college campuses. Though college administrators may not like to speak at length about the crime that occurs on their campus, it is nevertheless prudent to ask about such things.

Campuses Near Home are a Good Place to Start

If a student is not certain that they should be making a trek across the country to go to school, then perhaps they are right. Everyone adjusts to their college experience in their own way. It is possible that they may adjust better to living on their own if they choose a campus that is a little closer to their parent’s house. This does not mean that they can not live on campus, but it does mean that mom and dad will be close by if there are any problems. Alternatively, it also means that the option to live at home is certainly a possibility. According to a recent article in the New Republic, there is evidence of a trend among students, termed Millennials, exposing how an increasing number from this demographic prefer to live at home. Not only will this help many of these students to save money, but it also means that these students will also be home for the holidays too. That is something that will help to put parents’ mind at ease as well.


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