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Nissan for Sale

If you’re going to try to sell your car to a company that builds cars, you had better put your best effort into it. When the car you’re trying to sell is 17-years-old with torn leather seats and a strap to hold keep the hood from popping open when you drive, you’d better make a video that will be remembered for ages.

That’s exactly what one Nissan Maxima owner did. While he wasn’t attempting to sell it directly to Nissan USA, the Japanese automaker was so impressed by the video and the Craigslist ad that went with it that they are taking the “classic” off of his hands for an undisclosed amount.

In a world where dealers are paying big money to automotive SEO companies and vehicle listing sites to get their vehicles out to the consumers, perhaps they need to look to this sort of creativity instead.

Thankfully for the seller, Nissan took notice.

Here’s the hilarious video:


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