Let’s say that you have a great website that you’ve worked really hard to make attractive and easy to navigate. It’s filled with quality, relevant content that you believe will engage readers and establish you as an expert in your chosen niche.

You can do all the right things to present yourself as a quality player in the online marketplace, but if you can’t drive quality traffic to your site, your business will wither up and die a slow, painful marketing death.

No one wants to see a great idea go to waste, and you have some options available to you. One is to offer your service (or that of that ghostwriter who works for you) as a guest blogger on other websites.

How can offering free content to another site owner benefit you? If you use this strategy properly, you can get valuable links back to your website and use the opportunity to market your own brand online.

Choose potential guest post opportunities carefully

Before you start contacting other blog owners to make a pitch or submit a potential guest post, consider whether the content on the other blog will dovetail with your own.

You probably don’t want to contact a fellow blogger you would regard as being in direct competition with you, but it’s not a bad idea to look at site owners who are in complementary markets. If someone is writing a blog on a topic that can “go with” yours, the owner may be amenable to working with you.

Don’t walk in cold

You wouldn’t immediately walk into someone’s home and start demanding that he or she start doing you favors, and it would be rude to approach a blogger “cold” and start asking about guest posting opportunities. With this type of content marketing strategy, the more polite way to get what you want is to develop a relationship with the person and the site first.

Start by spending time on the blog. Read some posts and make a few thoughtful comments. Become part of the community and develop relationships with other readers before you mention anything about wanting to write a guest post.

It will take time to develop these kinds of relationships, but building quality back-links to your blog is something that mustn’t be rushed.

When you do get the opportunity to contribute to a high-ranking blog, furnish great content that appeals to readers first, not search engines, and you’ll be a lot further ahead than if you were still focused on generating keyword-stuffed content. Then rinse and repeat, as the Internet marketers say.


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