The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Not only is it a place to prepare and eat meals, but the kitchen is also the part of the house where events of the day are discussed and stories (and even secrets) are shared. This room has become more of a focal point for entertaining recently, and kitchen appliance trends have evolved to reflect this .

As homeowners roll up their sleeves and invite their friends and family to share a meal or just hang out in this center of the house, appliances are selected for aesthetic appeal as well as practical considerations. They are chosen with care to fit this welcoming and well-used space. Here are some trends to watch for in 2014:

1. Large-capacity ovens

Since modern kitchens are all about entertaining, it makes sense to have a large oven for big meals. Large capacity electric single ovens or double ranges get the job done. Convection ovens will continue to be popular, since they offer faster preheating and more precise cooking.

2. French door refrigerators

French door refrigerators offer great style without sacrificing functionality. With their stainless steel finish and sleek lines, this type of model has a modern look that would fit well in most kitchens. Behind the double doors is plenty of storage space for everyday items, as well as appetizers, casseroles and desserts prepared for special gatherings.

3. Concealed dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers can be cleverly disguised behind cabinetry that makes their front panels blend with their surroundings. There is no need to break up the line of lower cabinets along a row or in a center island to make room for this major appliance. Some homeowners may even have two dishwashers or a dishwasher and a recycling bin that they wish to conceal in this manner, and this strategy will work equally well in these situations, too.

4. Black or white appliances

For homeowners who want to show off their appliances, the classics will be in style for 2014. Look for basic black and pure white to show up in the best-outfitted kitchens around the country.

Black appliances are sleek and stylish, and this choice packs a punch in every kitchen where it appears by increasing the “wow” factor. White appliances always look clean and pristine and are a perennial favorite among consumers, especially those who may be interested in an alternative to stainless steel.


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