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Senior citizens are often stereotyped as being a bit clueless when it comes to modern technology, but that’s a stereotype that isn’t really true anymore.

Seniors today are the fastest growing segment of the population. As such, tons of technology, services and programs are designed just for them. Here are four ways home technology and seniors go hand in hand.

1. Online dating

People can live long lives these days. Unfortunately, this also means that if you’re a senior with a spouse who has passed away, you could potentially be alone for decades. But that doesn’t mean you can’t search for someone else who is special.

These days, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to meet new romantic partners. Additionally, there are now many dating websites which cater exclusively to seniors. If you’re a single senior looking to meet others, population demographics are on your side. And thanks to home electronics such as your computer and smart phone, searching for a great date can now be done from home.

2. Movies

Speaking of dates, whether you’re on one or are just looking for an entertaining way to pass a few hours, movies are a great activity.

Today, you can enjoy a movie theater experience without leaving home. Home theater systems are no longer a vast quagmire of remote controls and wires. An entire system can be operated by one remote with a common sense interface.

Also, you can add to the experience with a home popcorn maker. Today’s home appliances make popcorn that is just as good as, if not better than, the popcorn at the theater. Try an air-popper for a healthy option!

3. Smart Phones

The days of calling a senior on a landline are quickly disappearing, as more and more seniors are switching to smart phones. Cell companies, such as Consumer Cellular, are targeting seniors specifically with a variety of senior-centered options.

Seniors aren’t on their phones all the time, so they’re mainly interested in pay-as-you-go or low usage plans. Additionally, seniors want easily accessible help from their provider. They want a phone which is easy to use, works in an emergency and doesn’t have overly complicated billing. These days, that’s exactly what several cell phone companies provide.

4. Dining

Seniors tend to have disposable income, lots of free time and aren’t very interested in messing around with much cooking and cleaning. As a result, they’re eating out in record numbers.

Seniors and restaurants are fast becoming a great mix. Restaurants across the country have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and one way they’re trying to boost sales is by targeting senior diners. If you’re a senior, you might be pleasantly surprised how hard the restaurant industry is trying to win your business.

Today’s senior citizens live full, active lives. If you’re a senior, don’t be afraid to try new things, even if technology seems a bit intimidating. You might just end up pleasantly surprised!


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