Every household accumulates trash, whether it’s trash that can be recycled, trash that accumulates outdoors or trash that your family creates throughout the day. Most people spend a great deal of time making mistakes, though. They toss trash into cans that are too small or fail to close the containers properly and create a stench from dirty diapers and old food.

If you want to ensure your house is as clean, sanitary and nicely scented as possible, you need to learn how to properly dispose of your trash.

Start recycling

One of the easiest ways to stay more organized and clean at home is to recycle household waste that can be recycled. This means understanding what you can and cannot recycle. For example, you can recycle paper products, metal, glass, plastic and batteries.

In fact, batteries should never be thrown into your everyday trash because of the chemicals used to create them. When they end up in landfills they can leak into and contaminate the soil and water, which is an environmental danger.

Use your garbage disposal

Not everything has to go into the trash if it cannot be recycled. For example, if you want your house to be as clean and comfortable as possible, you have to eliminate foul odors. Sometimes last night’s dinner creates those odors from your trash.

Instead of tossing leftover vegetables or trimmings in the trash to rot, use your garbage disposal to rid your house of them immediately. It’s important that you first read the instructions provided with your disposal, however, to ensure you don’t place anything in it that shouldn’t be there.

Buy the right trash cans

Perhaps you’ve never put much thought into your trash cans. After all, they’re nothing more than a bin in which to place garbage. They’re not particularly decorative. They aren’t a centerpiece. In fact, they’re usually hidden in pantries and cabinets.

However, to better organize your home, you’ll need bins designated for recycling materials and trash. You might even want bins that are specific for materials you accumulate outside during gardening.

Having the right bins can help you to stay organized and can even help you prevent the kind of mess animals make when they get into your cans at night or in the morning before they’re picked up.


Staying organized means considering every aspect of your household including your trash; it’s easier to stay organized when you apply the habit to everything. Additionally, taking part in your local recycling program will help you do your part to save the environment.


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