Having a family of your own is a beautiful thing, and it simply doesn’t matter how your family is created. Whether you’re a birth parent or adoptive parent, your baby is your baby. He or she is part of your family and that’s all that matters.

One of the unfortunate challenges that adoptive parents face, however, is an adoption scam. There are a number of different ways in which scammers target couples looking to adopt, and it’s a heartbreaking experience for a family who so desperately wants a child. Know the clues so you don’t find yourself the victim of an adoption scam.

Questionable emails

When you’re contacted about an adoption, study the email address and what the subject line has to say. Generic email addresses don’t necessarily mean anything, but they might raise a red flag.

The subject line can also wave a red flag and alert you to a possible scam. For example, birth parents looking to find a family for their unborn child are not likely to title their emails, “Here’s a baby for you,” or “The perfect baby for your family.”

Personal email addresses and personalized messages are more likely to come from parents looking to place their child in a good home. They won’t send a generic message that’s impersonal and cavalier.

Asking for money

Any time birth parents or a representative of birth parents asks you for money before you are placed with your child, run in the opposite direction. This is simply not how adoption works. Treat any request for money as a big red flag, and don’t pay anyone.

Request for other items

Another suspicious sign is a request for plane tickets or other transportation methods when it comes to adoption services. If a birth mother is requesting that you pay for something for her, don’t do it. It’s a red flag that could signify she’s looking to use you however she can before she moves on to some other unsuspecting family.

Unfortunately, adoption scams happen. To minimize your chances of being targeted, consider adopting through different means. Becoming a foster parent is a start on the road to adoption. It’s a noble act.

If ever you see any of the red flags above that are associated with adoption scans, don’t hesitate to cut off communication or demand legal proof of pregnancy and willingness to adopt.


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