Business owners can do a number of things to make the workplace a more comfortable, less stressful place to be. One of these is to employ the use of temporary staffing.

Temp workers come with a number of benefits that you might not realize at first. Consider the following five.

1. You can try them on for size

One of the benefits of hiring a temporary staff member is to see how that person might fit with your company prior to being hired on a full-time basis. It’s like trying on a new pair of pants or shoes and walking around in them before deciding to buy them, or taking a car for test drive.

You’ll see how well the person fits, how well he or she works, and whether or not the person brings anything to the proverbial table.

2. Less stress when someone’s absent

Your employees can’t be at work every day. There are conferences, vacations, illnesses, family emergencies, and even maternity and paternity leave. When any of this happens, you’re left with two choices: expect everyone else to step it up and take over the work one employee isn’t around to do, or hire a temp to fill position for the time being.

Temps are a great way to relieve stress and pressure from yourself and your employees.

3. It’s affordable

Hiring a temp staff member is an affordable solution in several ways. When you hire someone on a temporary basis, you save money on benefits. This person is not a full-time employee, which means you’re not required to pay for benefits such as insurance, dental, or vacation.

4. It saves time

One of the other benefits of hiring a temp is that you don’t have to perform any of the difficult hiring work, such as screening resumes and handling interviews. Temp agencies do all that on your behalf.

5. Temp workers are more common than ever

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, familiarly known as Obamacare, many temp agencies will see an increase in the number of hires. Many businesses will cut full-time employee hours to save money on mandatory health insurance for full-time staff, making it necessary to hire temp workers to make up those hours.

The above are just some of the benefits to hiring temp workers from temp agencies. There will be more now that Obamacare has been approved and is taking effect. Hiring temps is a common practice among many companies that will continue to become more popular as the months go by.


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