Life is short, and there’s no better time to enjoy it than now. Since you spend at least one-third of your life at home, why not transform your place into a hotbed of awesomeness?

Here are four great ways to make your house or apartment a more enjoyable place to be, over the course of the coming year.

1. Notice what you love

By “what you love,” we mean “what you love about any space or place on Earth.” In other words, become more attentive to how particular types of rooms and spaces and environments make you feel, and whether you’d like to replicate that at home.

Where do you enjoy going, and why? Here are some ways you might answer that question, and make your place more awesome based on your needs.

2. For the sports fan: create a gameday heaven

If you’re a sports fan and you’ve noticed that you like to spend time at sports bars, figure out what you like about the space. Is it the multitude of television screens, or more the size of them, or the loud audio?

Is it the flowing beer from the kegerator-style taps? Whatever it is, you can make your place more like that and become the envy of your sports buddies!

3. For the booklover: create the soft space

Do you spend a lot of time at the bookstore, or the library, and find inspiration there? You’re not alone: Millions of people love to go into public to read and enjoy the atmosphere of a particular space.

So what is it? Is it the smell of espresso, or the huge shelves full of books, or the sunbeam coming through lofty windows? You can replicate at least some of these details at your place, if you simply understand which elements you love, and how they make you feel!

4. For the outdoor lover: create the sunroom

Some of us have an internal drive to be outdoors; being in nature really inspires us. Sometimes being inside too long (especially during colder months, in chilly climates) can feel like a mood-killing downer, and we might find ourselves driving or going to sunny rooms elsewhere.

Why not build your own sunroom or enclosed patio? You might want an enclosed patio in Phoenix so you can air-condition it and feel outdoors; or you might want a sunroom in Michigan to have a heated room in December where you can feel like you’re still outdoors!


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