Logos and a branding campaign can be outsourced online for much less cost than they’ve ever been done. But before you hire the cheapest provider and use the same stock photos that millions of other businesses are using, consider the following reasons not to take that step when you should not sacrifice quality and polish!

Here are four reasons your logo and branding should receive your best attention and investment.

1. They’re hard to change

Once you’ve picked a logo and branding scheme, and applied it to everything from business cards to websites and polo shirts, it’s really hard (and really expensive) to change them.

So devote a lot of thought to how you want your logo and branding to look, and what you’d prefer your customers to be inspired to do — what actions you want them to take, for instance).

2. It’s an issue of company pride

You want to be proud of your company, and you want your employees to stay. Employee turnover is one of the costliest problems that can bedevil a business.

If your employees are proud of their company and their work, they’re more likely to stick around. The design and look of your company are important, then, to your internal customers, as well as your external ones.

3. Colors do things to people

A lot of marketers don’t recognize this, but different colors drive different perceptions in the mind of the typical user. It’s a concept known as color psychology, and it’s as powerful as neurological forms of marketing, like linguistic technologies and programming.

Definitely check out the psychology of the colors you’re using, or use colors that are a solid match for the emotions you’re trying to instill and retain in your customers and your brand perception.

4. Timelessness

The talented marketers at Synerge-marketing, a top design firm based in Connecticut, have brought to attention another innovative aspect of great branding and design. A great design and branding campaign is “timeless, memorable, and sets you apart from your competition,” the firm states in a recent post to the company’s well-designed website.

And that’s a great point: Solid logos and branding are timeless, when they’re done well. They don’t necessarily reflect a trend that’s going to end (think of the logos for Coca-Cola or Nike, for instance), and they’re also memorable (like the Nike “Swoosh” symbol or the Apple icon of an apple with a bite taken out of it).


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