The Food Day event is one you simply cannot pass up. Whether or not you consider yourself a food connoisseur is unimportant.

The point of Food Day is to raise awareness about the importance of healthy, sustainable, and affordable food.

You can host a food party, you can attend a food party event in your neighborhood, or you can simply donate healthy, affordable, and sustainable food to a local charity as a way of giving back to the community and celebrating this important event. Here are four good reasons to do so.

1. Sharing health

One of the most important reasons to get involved in Food Day is the fact that you’re sharing health. With more than half the country’s population suffering from obesity, it’s more important than ever to educate people about the importance of eating a healthy diet.

When children suffer from a health problem such as obesity, they are more likely to be overweight as adults. The poor health problems that result from being overweight can range from diabetes to high blood pressure to heart disease.

By getting involved in Food Day, you’re taking the initiative to educate the world about the importance of healthy food. Many people simply don’t know what’s healthy and what’s not; they assume that unless it’s a fruit or vegetable, it’s not healthy.

2. Sharing knowledge

Another important reason to become involved in Food Day is to share knowledge. Many people lack the basic knowledge and understanding that eating healthy does not have to involve a lot of expense. Many claim they can’t eat healthy because fresh fruits and vegetables are too costly.

By involving yourself with Food Day, you can share the knowledge the fresh food and healthy food are not always pricey. In fact, you can make it your mission to spend Food Day educating people about how inexpensive healthy eating really is when people take the time to shop intelligently and grow their own healthy food in a garden.

3. Encouragement

Sometimes the best reason to get involved in a good cause is simply to provide encouragement to those who might need it. Maybe someone you know is struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle and is looking to lose weight and become healthier, but he or she doesn’t know how or where to start.

By becoming involved in supporting Food Day, you can encourage that person to learn more about eating healthy foods as well as provide the encouragement your acquaintance needs to get started, stay focused, and believe in him- or herself.

4. Help out and feel good

There’s no such thing as completely selfless giving, so why not participate in Food Day because you can enjoy the good feeling you experience from giving back? Even if you can’t participate in a big Food Day event, you can donate funds to help those who are underprivileged.

Use Food Day as a reason to allocate your funds to a food drive and help raise awareness among those less fortunate about the importance of healthy eating.

When donating money to charity, it’s important you select a reputable charity. Many, such as the NY Foundling website, offer a donation link right on their website to help make giving easier and more reliable. You’ll know your funds and your time are going somewhere useful, where they’re much needed.

Foundling is participating in Food Day: Celebrity chefs Katie Lee and Sunny Anderson will visit Haven Academy, the Foundling’s charter school in the Bronx, to teach a class of fourth graders about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. The activity complements the holistic approach the nonprofit takes to supporting the children and families in its care.

This year’s Food Day was a great success. If you haven’t had the chance to join this year, there’s always a next year. Food Day’s objective to help raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating. Your kids, coworkers, friends, and family will want to help; and you’ll impress them with your knowledge and willingness to help those who need it.


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