Feng shui is designed to channel positive energy into a room. Many designers use feng shui when decorating rooms and many homeowners do the same. If you’re looking to promote harmony and balance in your life, consider applying feng shui in your office.

It’s not yet something many people take into account, but it’s been around for thousands of years, increasing productivity and harmony in homes and offices all over the world. Although more and more Americans are drawn to feng shui in their homes, few take the trouble to consider it for the office as well.

If nothing else, you can promote more balance and energy, increase the productivity of your employees, and create a more comfortable and aesthetically appealing office space for both your employees and your clients. Here are three ways to do it.

1. Utilize indoor plants

Indoor pollution is just as prevalent as outdoor pollution, which is why many people choose to install live indoor plants in their offices. Live plants promote harmony and good energy, and allow your office to circulate cleaner, more abundant air flow.

Large leafy greens set up in corners and near windows make it possible for you to maximize your energy and positive energy flow in the office. Plants without flowers are best for indoor spaces, but it is all right to use a flowering plant — provided it has a bold, bright color.

2. Keep memorabilia limited and productive

Yes, you want photos of your family in your office, and you want to decorate with personal memorabilia. However, you should keep the decor productive and inspiring.

When your personal belongings are too personal and too distracting, it can divert the focus from your work and cause your office to lose some of the good energy you’re otherwise trying hard to promote.

3. Maximize natural lighting

Do whatever you can to ensure that the natural light in your office is allowed in as much as it can be. Keep furniture from blocking your windows. Place mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to help create the effect of more light.

This will enable you to feel the brightness and energy of the sun, which is supposed to increase productivity and motivation. One way you can do this is to incorporate skylights into your office. Commercial roofing Indianapolis professionals can help you to design a plan for your office that will allow you to install skylights and increase the feng shui of the space. Coomer Roofing Co. can help you with this project.


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