The economy might be on the rise, but most of us still need a little bit of extra cash to make ends meet. Turning a hobby into a profitable enterprise is a great way to supplement income.

One of my closest friends loves to craft, and she sells her items at a local farmers market. It helps raise a little income, and she has a great outlet for all her creativity.

My girlfriend’s grandfather makes these beautiful wood boxes and chests, and even though everyone says he should sell them, he doesn’t. But if you are a woodworker, you can definitely make money from your craft.

Niche market

It’s really nice to know there are two chests in my living room that don’t exist anywhere else. One was made by my girlfriend’s grandfather, and the other came from mine: he made it before he passed away.

This society seems to thrive on the cookie-cutter, pre-fab, order-the-same-drink-everywhere, IKEA lifestyle. There isn’t anything wrong with this, but the tide is turning. People want something unique, and if you can provide that by making wooden chests, tables, chairs, or other crafted items made of wood, you might be the perfect person to supply that demand.

It’s not just for old retired folks

Not many young people know how to work wood; I mean, I wouldn’t have to slightest idea how to build a chest, let alone inlay a design onto the lid. But my generation has been raised in the society where everything is the same, and the status quo is getting really, really old.

So yes, some younger people are learning how to do woodworking so we can have something that didn’t come from a box, little assembly required. Don’t be afraid to try something new and create a special object all your own; there are plenty of ways to do it. And if you’re good, you can make money from it.

Start small

You’re not going to be a master woodworker right off the bat, so start small. Get some basic tools and build something simple: a birdhouse or a windowbox, perhaps.

I want to start my own garden, so that’s going to take some creativity, given that I live in a second-story apartment. I want to build boxes, but I wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to start.

There are lots of resources on the Internet, and local hardware stores sometimes offer classes. Big-name places like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer classes as well. Start small, and have fun.


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