Miami, Florida: a beautiful city located on the Atlantic Coast, it’s a thriving place of lights, beaches, and fun times. The beaches alone are famous nationwide and families flock here on vacation every year.

This huge city is a major trendsetter in entertainment, trading, and the arts. It’s also been hailed as America’s cleanest city. Miami is something to talk about, and many are talking about traveling to see the sights of Miami.

Before you take that trip to Miami, you should be prepared. There are many cool travel apps that specialize in Miami locales, businesses, and events. Here are five of the best travel apps to get your hands on before you go.

1. Miami and Beaches

This amazing app tells you all you need to know about the city of Miami. This wonderful vacation spot is packed with entertainment, art festivals, and loads of fun options for playing on the beach.

The “Miami and Beaches” app provides information on lodging and dining with the “Around me now” feature. This says it all, basically; if you need to know what attractions are in your general area, this is the perfect program for that.

You can also browse the app’s calendar of events to see what’s happening and where to go. The application also has an interactive map and guided tour through the streets of Miami, including the Art Deco district.

2. Miami Herald

With this app, you can get all the local Miami news at your fingertips. With this handy application, you can save stories of interest, and even email them to a friend. The app even has a search feature that gives you the ability to find any news story that interests you.

3. Zoo Miami

For those who want to visit the Miami Zoo, this app is just the perfect companion for the day. Its handy little GPS feature helps you locate all exhibits, concessions, and restrooms without the unpleasant stress that a visit to the zoo sometimes entails.

All those days of wandering aimlessly with kids in tow are over. Now, a visit to the zoo will be more fun and much more relaxed. You can also use the social media feature to share photos and videos taken on your trip to the Miami Zoo.

4. Miami cheap eats and street food

What better app to have than this one? This application helps the visitor to town find the cheapest yet good-quality foods and street snacks. One of this app’s best features is its directory of more than 150 spots that serve tasty yet affordable foods.

It also specializes in locating ethnic cuisines for lovers of international fare. This is exactly what you want when you’re trying to decide what to eat and having that famous discussion of “where do you want to go?” This app will eliminate all the confusion by listing a huge selection of wonderfully delicious restaurants and street vendors.

5. Miami Travel

From beaches in Miami to shopping centers, this app has information on almost everything. It’s another all-around tourist app that offers information on everything from hotel accommodations to wonderful local restaurants.

This tool also provides news on local attractions and festivals that might be of interest to the entire family. Whatever you need to know, you can find it with this awesome smart device app.

Miami is a beautiful place, and with these simple apps for your smart device, you can enjoy all of its beauty. For more information, check the ForLocations site and do a search for “Miami.”

Linger on the famous beaches, attend the local attractions and festivals, and have a nice, affordable meal at one of Miami’s best eateries. Just remember one thing: always come to have a great time, whatever you do!


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