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Vevo music videos have become quite popular among music and video lovers alike. This year, ten very popular songs have made the most watched/most downloaded list for Vevo.

The roster includes some famous performers, all of whom have topped the charts and created an immense mountain of fame for themselves.

Here’s the latest update on the ten most popular music videos on Vevo.

1. “Can’t Stop,” Miley Cyrus

We cannot believe our eyes and ears when we watch this video. The much-loved childhood star, Hannah Montana, has transformed herself into a very uninhibited woman.

Thing is, she can sing too! This song is very catchy and you’ll like it whether you want to or not.

2. “Royals,” Lorde

Lorde is the first sixteen-year-old girl to reach number 1 on the charts in twenty years. Her sound is smooth and perfect and the beats are very catchy as well.

3. “Call Me Maybe,” Carly Rae Jepsen

You might be very tired of this song, but it’s still popular. The tune is nice, even addictive, and the performer is young and pretty. Carly Rae Jepsen hit the lottery with this number.

4. “One Thing,” One Direction

This teen boy band is the next best thing to New Kids on the Block. The popularity of this song and band is outstanding.

5. “Mirror,” Lil Wayne featuring Bruno Mars

This is not one of the popular tunes you would dance to. Rather, it’s serious song that takes you on a journey inward. The video is very creative and the lyrics are introspective enough to make the listener think about his or her own life.

6. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor Swift

This song is comical and entertaining. Taylor Swift lives to write and perform love songs. This one talks about breaking up for good!

7. “Pour It Up,” Rhianna

One of her more racy songs, “Pour It Up” is eye candy for viewers who love strippers. Rhianna never ceases to amaze us with her talents.

8. “Work,” Britney Spears

Britney has done it again and again. She never really stops coming at us with wild-eyed controversial songs. Britney shows that she still has what it takes to make heads turn.

9. “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele

No one has a voice quite like Adele’s. “Rolling in the Deep” was the song that really propelled this beauty to stardom. This song never gets old; it’s a modern classic.

10. “Scream & Shout,” and Britney Sprears

Put these performers together and you’re sure to get a reaction. Britney Spears is always making waves and regularly churns out awesome lyrics. There’s no wonder this song is such a hit.

These performers and so many more have increased the view numbers for Vevo videos. For the most recent update, stay tuned to other 2013 selections. To download these videos or music, for some computer systems you may have to install a video driver or component. Music is heaven!


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