A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what happens when you combine the beauty of words with the decorative, artistic element of a painting, sculpture, or photograph?

Letter art has become increasingly popular over the years, as decorators look for words that are symbolic for a style or household: words like love, family, beauty. These pieces offer the joys of life, and various other optimistic, uplifting phrases that serve as a reminder of things that keep us going during those long, dreary days.

Decorative letter art makes creating beautiful items out of those symbolic words more fun, and more beautiful. Below are six unique designs and styles of letter art to get your creative juices flowing, so your new wall piece will perfectly suit your individual style.

1. Standing wooden letters

Create a beautiful piece for your mantle or end table, or the top of some wall shelves with standing block letters that spell out the word of your choice. Choose classic wood finishes or hand-painted pieces — or do the handpainting yourself! It could be a fun project for the weekend, especially if you get the kids involved.

2. Wire sculpture letters

Choose to twist and bend wire into a beautiful cursive script, and place it on the wall as a bit of wall art that will remind the family, in a more gothic, wrought-iron way, of your symbolic word.

3. Handprints from the kids

Gather your children around the table and create letter art from their handprints. Take some finger paints (so you can remove the paint from hands more easily) and let your kids express their creativity: perhaps a hand print with a contrasting color letter in the center, or handprints that create the frame of the letter of your child’s choice.

Decide together on a word that represents the family, or have each child create his or her name, or a favorite word, for the bedroom.

4. Fabric letters

Almost like quilting, fabric letters lend themselves to a variety of options. You can cut out fabric letters and turn them into pillows for the couch with some simple sewing and a bit of stuffing, or create fabric patterns and place them in frames to hang on the wall or to place on shelves.

5. Eco-letters

A fun project for the family involves creating sculpture or artwork out of recycled materials saved from the household garbage can. Cut up plastic bottles, save paper towel rolls, sticks from yard waste, and various other materials with neat patterns or shapes and create letters with glue and scissors to display on the walls.

6. Letter photography

Letter photography can be a fun DIY project. You can also obtain it from special request companies that create the word of your choice from a variety of photographs of letters in the outside world.

Choose your unique letter design and they’ll send you your framed piece of wall art in the mail!


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