Online business owners assemble! If you’re looking to make your business super, learn from the Super Heroes. After all, comic book characters aren’t just more popular than ever, they also have some pretty good advice.

Check out these online business tips as promoted by five popular comic book characters.

1. Be prepared like Batman

There’s a reason Batman always comes out on top: he’s prepared. He has a secret Kryptonite ring in case he needs to fight Superman. He has vehicles for land, sea, and air. He has gadgets for every potential situation.

While you don’t have to be as driven as Batman, it does help to prepare. What if your server goes down? What if a customer is unhappy? Spend time preparing for disaster is a great way to prevent disaster from occurring in the first place.

2. Turn weakness into strength like Daredevil

Daredevil is one of today’s hottest comics. After being accidentally exposed to a dangerous chemical, young Matt Murdock was left blind, but his other senses were enhanced to superhuman levels.

So even though he can’t see, he’s still the guardian of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, battling big-league villains like the Kingpin. He never let his weakness hold him back, and neither should you. Are you a small company? Don’t try to compete with the big guys on their terms. Instead, tout the personalized attention your customers will receive.

By understanding your weaknesses, you’ll end up discovering your strengths.

3. Be confident in your abilities like Hit-Girl

Fans of the “Kick-Ass” comic book series and movies know all about Hit-Girl. She’s foul-mouthed, violent, and very, very confident.

You can apply this attitude to your online business. After all, you’re good at what you do. Don’t brag about it, but don’t hide from it, either. Your confidence in your “powers” should be apparent to your clients. After all, when people hire you, they want the job done by a pro.

4. Enjoy your work like Iron Man

There’s a reason Ol’ Shellhead has become so popular: he’s extremely likeable. He relishes being Iron Man, and that enthusiasm is infectious.

It can be easy to feel weighed down by the problems and stresses of running an online business, but try to remember Mr. Stark. If you make work fun, it’s hardly work at all.

5. Be resilient like Wolverine

With his healing factor and indestructible Adamantium skeleton, Wolverine can take a bruising and come back for more. Running a small business can be tough at times, but having a mindset like Wolverine’s can help.

Believing that you’ll always bounce back is a great way to remind yourself that any business problems are only temporary. In fact, Wolverine isn’t just resilient, he also has a lot of great ideas about marketing. After all, he’s the best there is at what he does.

You don’t have to have super powers to run a super business. Follow these tips and you’ll be an online business champion!


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