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Maybe you have a teenage daughter or son who’s just about to earn that first set of keys … or a family member with a lead foot … or just a severe case of rubber neck syndrome.

Whether you’re interested in finding the best car accident blog to whet your appetite for destruction, or to check on the latest traffic conditions before you leave the house, the wonderful web has an accident blog for you.

Here’s a small sampling of what four great car accident blogs have to offer.


The Road Traffic Fails Video blog is perfect for accident junkies who just want to watch metal meet metal, or cement, or whatever else the hundreds of cars in these videos end up smashing into. Road Fail features multiple monthly mash-ups of the clearest, most shocking car accident videos from all over the world.

Not flashy or complicated, this site is clean and straightforward, and you can lose hours wandering through its vivid archives.

2. “I was injured in a car accident” by

The Experience Project is a website that connects people who’ve had similar experiences and enables them to share their stories with one another and the world. While the project accommodates a broad variety of experiences, the one titled “I was injured in a car accident” has 273 members.

For many, the act of sharing is therapeutic, but these stories can also serve either as cautionary tales or inspirational accounts of recovery.

3. US News Best Cars Blog

This blog covers all aspects of car ownership, from buying to driving to repairing and selling, but perhaps what’s most useful is the information in its Crash Tests section.

Here, the experts discuss and document the most up-to-date studies and reports on car safety and crash test ratings. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking to buy or lease a new vehicle, or you just want to stay abreast of the latest developments in car safety.

4. Accident Scene Questions by

If you’re looking for great accident scene photos look no further. This blog features an array of shots, from the bizarre to the devastating, and also addresses bicycle, train, and plane accidents in its archives.


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