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Nature provides beauty and a soothing atmosphere, but it also provides something more substantial. Nature provides hunters with the ways and means to provide for and feed their families.

Hunters rely on the most current information in books and via word of mouth to prepare them fully for the hunt. These are the main ways that hunters learn about game animals.

Technology has now provided for hunters as well, with online information and tips that speak to their interests. There are four great sites that provide information on hunting game animals.

1. Varmint Al’s Hunting Page

The owner of this site is a member of the National Rifle Association and he hunts many types of game animals on a regular basis.

The site has been built on the foundation of coyote hunting. The owner explains the type of weapon he chooses when hunting coyote and deer. The rest of the site is dedicated to various animals calls in which he specializes.

2. Colorado Waterfowl

This site is designed to offer tips and hints about hunting equipment, hunting grounds, and related topics. It holds a wealth of information on various aspects hunting.

Colorado Waterfowl also offers field staff articles and a forum where like-minded individuals can congregate. The site promotes hunting merchandise in its pages as well.

3. Sportsman’s Choice

This site has a plethora of information for the sports and hunting enthusiast. There are guides to local hunting areas, sports shops, and even information on various taxidermy establishments to help preserve the skin and horns of your big-game kill.

The site even has a kids section for those little hunters that might be interested in what it has to offer. Sportsman’s Choice is one of the largest online sources for hunting and fishing.

4. Bear Paw outfitters

This site offers guided or unguided hunts for those who are unfamiliar with an area. If you decide to take part in the hunting activities on this site, you will be provided with everything you need to be successful in your kill.

The site offers DIY hunts and maps. It gives information on all the animals the company hunts for, including elk, bear, and even cougar. Big-game hunting is the specialty of this site, and they guarantee good odds of getting lucky on your first try at game hunting.

Nature provides the opportunities for the hunter. When looking for more information, there are many sites that are full of tips, trick and lessons for hunting game animals.


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