If you’re managing a workplace, you have a lot to worry about. It’s easy to overlook some problems in the office if they aren’t presented to you directly.

Employee surveys are a great tool if you want to have a better idea of your employees’ experiences and what you can do to make improvements in the workplace. Administering surveys at regular intervals is an easy, low-pressure way for employees to give you feedback and help you develop a better understanding of what’s working for them and what’s not.

Here are three reasons why you should conduct employee surveys.

1. Find ways to improve employee training

When an employee goes through training, he or she gets a lot of information dumped all at once, so it’s understandable if some things don’t stick in those first few days.

Putting together a simple survey for new employees (or veteran employees who are learning to use new software or technology) can give you insights about which tools, tech, and procedures are working and which ones require some extra training. Similarly, you can use a survey to test which company policies and values are easily learned during training and which ones need to be restated.

2. Check in on employee involvement

A survey does more than just make sure that someone achieves a benchmark understanding of what’s expected on the job. It can also be a way to check employee satisfaction, address problems among your workers, and improve communication between you and the rank-and-file.

You want to check in on your employees to see if they’re present in their work, and (you hope) enjoying it, rather than just doing the bare minimum to get through the day.

3. Give your employees a platform to offer ideas and be heard

Improving the workplace should be a group effort, and it’s important for employees to feel like they can come to you with problems and solutions for how to fix them. Creating a survey that allows employees to offer their opinions will give you new ideas about how to improve your workplace.

You all have to come in every day, so the workplace ought to be an enjoyable place for everyone as much as possible. Make sure your workplace is running as well as it can by creating employee surveys. Building, distributing, and analyzing a survey is not hard with the right tools.

With the right surveys you can start improving communication and getting immediate feedback about health and safety, efficiency, technology, and the overall workplace environment.


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