A family vacation or weekend getaway is the perfect excuse to bond with your loved ones. As you spend time together going somewhere new and experiencing new sights and cultures, you can enjoy a little quality time with your spouse and children, renew your bonds, and make unforgettable memories.

1. Enjoy something as a family

If there is an activity your entire family loves, plan your weekend trip around that to encourage bonding and pleasure. For example, if your family enjoys hiking, a weekend trip to a national park or the mountains provides the perfect opportunity for all of you to take part in this enjoyable activity.

2. Try something new

Sometimes the best way to bond is over something entirely new. A weekend trip that includes an activity no one in the family has tried before, such as zip-lining or white water rafting, allows the entire family to bond over a new experience.

3. Leave friends behind

It’s not uncommon to plan a weekend getaway that includes friends of the family or your children’s friends. While this may be fun, it’s easier to bond with the entire family and really enjoy your time together when all the extras are left behind. Plan a trip that includes just you two and the kids for high-quality bonding time.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Why not bond over something you normally wouldn’t do? This is similar to trying something new, but it’s different because this type of weekend getaway involves taking a chance on something you wouldn’t normally want to try. For example, if your vacation destination of choice is always the beach, try going somewhere different, such as a big city.

5. Break away from the rest of the family

Spend a little time this weekend bonding with your kids by yourself. Take one out to do something fun while your spouse takes the other. Spending a little bit of time alone with each child on vacation enables you to create a stronger relationship.

6. Go old-fashioned

All-inclusive resorts and luxury hotels are great, but sometimes planning a weekend getaway in which you take an old-fashioned trip to the mountains is a great way to bond. Jump off the dock into the lake, play in the woods, or just grab a float and soak up the sun in the water. It’s simple, clean fun that the entire family will enjoy.

Family vacations are a great opportunity to grow closer. When you take the time to plan them just right and include a few simple tips, you can bond with your family and enjoy every second you have together. Kids grow up entirely too fast, which means that opportunities like this are few.


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