You’ve undoubtedly come across some hideous websites online. While there are extreme examples out there, a lot of the mistakes those websites make with web design can be spotted even on popular and professional sites, on a smaller scale.

In order to avoid making the same mistakes on your website, take a look at these six websites and what they did wrong.

1. Dokimos.org

Be warned, this website might give you a headache if you look at it for very long. A bright, colorful background can be a big-enough problem if it makes the text hard to read; but if that background’s a rainbow and in motion, with some clip art slapped on top, you have a huge mess.

2. Ronoslund.com

Apparently, choosing a background for your site is hard work for some people. Nothing says “unprofessional website” like a tiled background. Show people that you know what you’re doing by actually making the background fit to the webpage. You probably don’t want a giant, color-changing header, either.

3. Esupersoft.com

Seriously, no one likes a website that automatically plays audio, especially if it’s a monotone robotic voice.

4. Arngren.net


Whoever made this website clearly never heard the saying “less is more.” Jamming too many images onto your website makes it cluttered and hard to navigate, and will probably take forever to load on a standard Internet connection.

5. Wizzardstattoo.com

Another example of unwanted audio, cheesy moving graphics, and an overall message of “you probably don’t want to do business with us.”

6. Ingenfeld.de

This one just speaks for itself, really.

How to save your website

I hope your website doesn’t look like any of these. But if you’re worried about making some of the same mistakes with graphics and audio, it’s always a good idea to invest in a professional designer.

Having a trained eye work on your site, whether it’s been around for a while and needs a makeover or your website is just being created, will ensure you end up with a professional-looking, unique site.

It’s incredible the advantages a well-designed website can bring. Having a strong online presence can lead to great personal connections, new fans and friends, collaborations, and even job opportunities.

It’s definitely time for you to take a look at your own website with an eye for possible flaws, and to make the improvements that guarantee you’ll get the maximum benefit from your website.


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