Set the scene: it is the morning after a typical corporate event — say, a holiday party — and it seemed to be a great success. Everyone in the office enjoyed the food, the ambiance, they brought their significant others in lovely suits and dresses, and the music was fantastic. And, most importantly, every person in the office left the party with a particularly fond memory for the water cooler: John Doe doing the running man to a modern dance beat that nobody could name even with their teenaged children there.

It is true, certain moves will date you, or worse, cause your co-workers to question the integrity of your weekend nights out. Certain dance moves should certainly be avoided at corporate parties — the last thing any upstanding office worker wants is snide comments during lunch about when the 80s arrived, and how long they were staying. Or worse, photographic evidence of the busted move itself.

Some dance moves shouldn’t be broken out anywhere, corporate party, dance club or otherwise.

6 Dance Moves to Avoid At All Costs

The Running Man

The aforementioned running man is not cute no matter who is doing it — particularly if you over the age of about six years old. A move that all have seen and many tried to emulate, it consists of some rapid leg and arm motion, sort of like a sprinter, but standing in place. Slowed down or sped up, it is equally as ridiculous.

Raise the Roof

It is appropriate to do the raise the roof dance motion about as often as it is appropriate to proclaim it in a conversational setting. Popularized by Luke in his song “Raise the Roof” it is not difficult to see why this song, and the corresponding dance, are not as timeless as some.

The Sprinkler

Whether it be summertime or no, the sprinkler is hardly an appropriate dance move, no matter the song or the event. Nobody looks good while sticking out their arm and spinning around 180 degrees. Not the most beautiful small appliance to emulate, by any means.


Do not bring the club to your corporate party. Even if your favorite dance beat comes on, coworkers will look down upon you grinding any part of your body all over fellow dancers. Chances are they won’t appreciate the close contact. It is best to keep at least a few inches of distance when dancing with co-workers, unless they tell you otherwise. Level of appropriateness is key.

Fist Pumping

Remember that even on the Jersey Shore, fist pumping makes you look silly. Visit the site of the Jersey Shore television show to see why fist pumping might not be the best move to bring to the next holiday party.

The Elaine Dance

You do not need to be a Seinfeld fan to remember Elaine’s dance at her corporate party. Probably a recreation of that mess of a dance sequence would make you the take of the office; it is probably also not the best idea.


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