Even the most stunningly beautiful people take a bad pic every now and then. Just look at Kim Kardashian. The most famous of the clan is usually happily stalked by the paparazzi, but sometimes it’s not in her favor. Need proof? Here are 7 of the most unflattering gifs of Kimmy.

#1. The Ugly Cry

Few people are pretty criers, and Kim’s not one of them. In fact, her ugly crying face went viral and resulted in multiple memes. Is this what Kanye’s dealing with as Kimmy goes through pregnancy? On the flip side, she may be an ugly crier, but at least she doesn’t have much to cry about. However, it’s ugly enough to earn it the top slot on Kim’s least flattering gifs.

#2. Is That Kiera Knightley Without Makeup?

To say Kim isn’t gorgeous without makeup would be a flat out lie. However, when a starlet is known for pretty much nothing else but her face and body–and covers it up with makeup 24/7–going without can be a real shock. Proof is right here in this candid photo where Kim may not be makeup free, but it’s pretty close for her. The shocked expression doesn’t help much either. In the end, Kimmy taps into her inner Keira Knightley when she goes closer to au natural (which definitely isn’t an insult).

#3. …But Makeup Can’t Fix Everything

Kim, there’s only so much the entire Mac collection can do. It doesn’t matter how many hours someone spends “playing up their eyes” (ahem, drowning their peepers in liner, shadow and extensions). If a person willing snaps a photo of themself with teeth on display at the dentist, they’re asking for a scary photo. Congrats, Kim–you set yourself up for this one.

#4. A “Thin” Line Between Curvy and Chunky

The most famous of the Kardashians may be pregnant, and every woman’s body is built differently–especially when expecting. However, Kim has always flirted with the line between curvaceous vixen and a little too hefty (especially by Hollywood standards). This snapshot shows a lot of padding being put into the wrong areas, like her already ample enough derriere.

By the looks of things, an even more recent photo shows Kim is struggling pretty badly with baby weight gain. Maybe her upper arms, calves and pretty much her entire mid-section will be able to snap back after baby. However, it looks like that’ll be a pretty tough uphill battle to win. Eighteen years, Kanye.

#5. Some Kims Don’t Know When to Give Up

As people get older, their bodies change. No one can wear what they could when they were 20 years old, and Kim isn’t exempt. However, earlier in her pregnancy she wanted desperately to still be seen as cute and stylish. While the “stylishness” of Kimmy’s wardrobe has always been up for debate, no one can say these peplum pants (yes, that’s peplum pants, not skirt) were a good idea. This is the kind of fodder that gets people on the worst dressed list.

#6. Kim’s O Face?

This is just terrifying and with no apparent good reason. Just because a gorgeous woman has her mouth open doesn’t mean it’s automatically sultry or seductive. It looks like Kim just got harpooned, sat on a dart or got news that she’s pregnant–perhaps all at the same time.

#7. Skin Cancer: It’s Sexy

Showing off a badly sunburned face is nothing to smile about. When Kim uploaded this scorched photo of herself, all she’s really doing is showing off her complete lack of self-care. It’s not very difficult to remember to slather on the sunscreen at all times. Beauty is fleeting–and it goes at warp speed for those who worship the sun.

These are some pretty harrowing pictures, but Kim is still a beauty. However, it might be evidence that sometimes, being snapped non-stop isn’t a good thing. Kim could use a little advice from Kanye about staying out of the spotlight unless her publicity agent is controlling it. Perhaps after Kimye’s baby makes a debut, she’ll think a little more carefully about being a pap favorite.


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