Plenty of people use neon signs for a multitude of purposes. They can advertise a bar, a business, or they can just be cool decor. However, these neon lights, with all their good intentions, can sometimes go awry. I mean, imagine owning the Canal Street Bar and having the “C” burn out…yeah. Could be bad for business. However, for those who wish to utilize these neon signs, there are some ways to prevent these embarrassing displays.

1. Design

When deciding on a name for the establishment or designing the text for the sign, go through and block out each letter, just to see what would happen if one of them were to burn out. Try to avoid anything disastrous.

2. Preventative maintenance

As with any piece of equipment, it’s better if the problems are taken care of in a preventative manner instead of a reparative one. Having someone routinely come out to service the sign and make sure all the wires are intact and the bulbs aren’t burning out is a good idea.

3. Replace them – quick

It’s really important to make sure that every day, someone checks the sign to make sure nothing’s out. If it is, get the repairman out straight away – don’t let a sign sit in disrepair. While it may be funny to passerby, it also sends the message to customers that the business doesn’t care enough to take care of the issue – or that they can afford it. A burnt out sign doesn’t inspire much confidence in the consumer base.

4. Power down

If part of the sign burns out, turn it off. If the repairs can’t be done immediately, go low-tech with a replacement sign until it can be fixed. Don’t sit around with a sign on the fritz. Also, make sure to turn the sign off when not in business. This will save the bulbs and extend the life of the sign. I mean, there’s really no point in burning the electricity 24/7 for a business that’s only open 12 hours.

5. Learn the basics

Depending on the size of the sign, see if it’s possible for someone on the premises to learn how to do some amateur repairs on the sign. The internet is a wealth of knowledge, and it can save business owners time and money to be able to make basic repairs on their own. Always remember, safety first; and check a few different sites to make sure all the information adds up.


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