Traveling Insights in 2013

For some of us, traveling is an acquired pastime that many of us learned to love. Growing up, we took road trips in the family car, bus rides to neighboring cities, train rides to visit different States, and plane rides to explore other countries. As adults, we have taken these fond childhood memories and created our own adventures.

Whether visiting the Queen Mary Hotel in sunny California or the sandy beaches in Hawaii, on a plane or car ride, we love doing it for the mere reason of revisiting our childhood and for making new memories with our own children, which they can look back on when they become adults.

However, saving money, booking the best flights and hotel stays, conveniently and easily, are what most of us want while planning for a trip with our family. Here’s a closer look at how people are taking their vacations in 2013.

Traveling Insights for 2013

 [Infographic via: Tingo]


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