inflatable robot head

Some kids can be really difficult to shop for. However, parents don’t need to break the bank on the latest uber-expensive tech gadgets to give kids gifts they’ll love. Get creative and get on the fast track to choosing gifts that pack some serious punch. When it comes to gifting presents to kids, they want things that really stand out. Here are 5 crazy gifts that kids will absolutely adore.

1. Bean Bag Chair

Everyone loves a bean bag–especially kids. Now, they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Shop on a site like AhhProds.com for a wide selection. Whether a kid has a penchant for the color pink, wants an oversized chair cum bed for sleepovers or prefers fuzzy materials for curling up with their favorite Harry Potter book, it’s all possible. Go bean bag crazy for a gift that’s sure to please. Just make sure plenty of wrapping paper or a big bow is on hand.

2. Fred and Friends Souper Action Figure

For kids that love super heroes (and who doesn’t?) this will do the trick. It’s basically the body of a superhero and the head of a spoon. It makes any meal much more enjoyable, and it’s equal parts utensil and toy. However, just don’t expect kids not to play with their food. A great complement is the Fred and Friends Food Face, which is a plate that allows for “getting ready” with food.

3. Crayon Rocks

Crayons in that old school shape can be so boring. Pick up a box of crayon rocks instead–they’re just what they sound like. Rock shaped and in an eco-friendly box, they’re sure to be the next hot thing at the arts and crafts table. For kids who don’t care to color within the lines, this is an easy choice.

4. Inflatable Robot Head

Created by Bluw Inc., this massive inflatable robot head comes with a matching blaster. Simply blow it up, put it on and get ready for endless make believe fun. For kids who have a penchant for anything space or robot-related, this is a great gift that seriously ups the wow factor. Buy a few (they’re very affordable) for a bot-themed party.

5. Wall Decals

Wall decals aren’t just for adults. There are plenty of options geared towards kids featuring their favorite characters, landscapes they enjoy (like fairy tales) and a variety of other options. Often made in vinyl, wall decals are simple to apply and remove. If a kid is only into dinosaurs for four months, no problem–those T-Rex decals were cheap and they remove in seconds.

Before heading to the toy store again, think about something a little more out there. The kids will thank you for it.


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