Ah, college. The days when we threw responsibility and obligation to the wind, and lived like we would never die. On good days, we even got some studying in. Cleaning up after ourselves was optional, and while we might have measured our independence by how many dishes we could stack in the sink, it probably made for some interesting horror stories about college apartments near UCF.

Here are 10 such nightmares.

1. A staff writer for Florida State University writes that after she and her roommates were upgraded from their initial apartment (with its moldy dishwashers, collapsing washing machine and filthy rug). But then her sink started to throw up food particles, there was mold in a closet, the air conditioner started to leak, and the Internet connection to her apartment was incorrectly wired. The trouble was such that the complex’s maintenance man became a quasi-roommate.

2. Unless you’re in school for entomology, an insect invasion of your apartment probably isn’t in your lease. Students at California State University Chico relate stories of how thousands of ants poured out of a shower drain, and spiders – including venomous black widow spiders – were regularly found in the premises.

3. Chico has more problems. After the previous tenants had moved out of an apartment, the landlord forgot to lock the door, unwittingly encouraging all the other residents to loot furniture, and rendering the apartment devoid of everything from kitchen drawers to light bulbs.

4. Still with Chico, a student returned to his top floor apartment to discover that the roof didn’t do a very good job at keeping the rainy weather out. Despite new roofing being placed over his complex a year prior, all his possessions and items of furniture were soaked.

5. No horror stories about college apartments would be complete without the contribution of roommates from hell. Seattle’s offering ranges from the horrific (a female roommate leaving a bloody pad right side up in the trash) to the downright malicious (another roommate’s boyfriend depositing used condoms on the belongings of the woman with whom she shared the room).

6. Maybe the only thing worse than an abominable roommate is a rat. When one renter’s rodent companions started infringing on his living space, it led to the discovery of rat feces, a scabies infection, fleas, water damage, unscrupulous landlords, a relationship ending, flies, and maggots.

7. From unscrupulous landlords to missing landlords. When rain started to seep in through the ceiling, the renters in this story called their landlord, who wasn’t available. They left messages – 50 messages over three weeks, before a plumber came in, poked around a bit, blamed the leaking on the upstairs tenant, and left without doing anything.

8. Bad roommates are one thing, but what if the faculty of an entire universe seems out to get you? A young woman attending the University of Ohio in Dayton not only had abusive roommates, her pleas for an housing transfer fell on deaf ears. After repeatedly negative apartment experiences, the young woman felt compelled to leave the school.

9. Appearances can be deceiving, which was what one woman discovered when she met her college apartment roommate for the first time. First, he read poetry and sipped wine from a glass; then, he confessed that he had a dark side, which may explain why he vanished without notice, leaving a confused roommate, angry landlord and threatening utility companies. Maybe he didn’t like the roaches and caterpillars which infested the apartment.

10. There’s nothing quite like a landlord who doesn’t understand what it means to be a landlord. For some, letting a tenant open their windows or turn on a fan during a heat wave is too much, as the young woman from #9 discovered. Wearing high heels indoors was off-limits. Taking a shower after a certain time of the day, or before the landlady and her husband wanted to shower, was a no-no. That last one turned out to be an evictable offence.


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