Bear Grylls is known for survival and safety, but this time he’s taking it to a new level – In flight instructions. Air New Zealand has teamed up with the survivalist to create yet another insanely entertaining in-flight instruction video. Thrill to the (mis)adventures of Grylls as he navigates  the Routeburn Track, a 32km, 2-4 day track in the southwestern corner of New Zealand’s South Island while giving flight safety instructions and tracking the allegedly extinct Moa. After you watch the video, visit the Air New Zealand Safety site to enter an awesome contest. you could win a trip to New Zealand in “The Great Kiwi Bucket List”.

The List includes a selection of the greatest adventures and activities available in New Zealand, including (but not limited to); Kayaking at Cathedral Cove, bungee jumps at Skipper Canyon, swimming with dolphins in Doubtful Sound, watching the first world’s first sunrise of a new day at Wainui Beach, and more! To win, all you have to do is count how many scenes the supposedly extinct Moa appears in before his true character is ‘revealed’. Watch the video here:

UPDATE - Here’s another Bear Grylls video. Man Vs. Moa:


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